Boy Room Update {The Queen Bed}

As y’all know, we’ve been chipping away at an update in John’s room.  I’m popping in today to share his new bed.  These sweet things are stowed away in the attic…

… and this beautiful and grown up bed is in place.

John chose this bed and I was quite relieved at his choice.  (It is also worth mentioning that I now know that 11 year old boys have little to no interest in things like furniture.  It seems like they just pick the first thing they see to get it over with… so strategically choose what you show them first.  HA!)  It has absolutely gorgeous detail and is masculine but traditional and suits our home and John very well.  It is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and is called the Jourdan Bed.

It has a beautiful antique brown finish with a hint of gray.  Sister was kind enough to purchase this on our behalf (we paid her :-) ) since she is a member at RH and gets the discount.  I also want to say that their delivery service was truly white glove and the best I’ve ever experienced.  She feels the same way after purchasing the furniture for CeeCee’s room from RH this summer.

We thought we would go with all new bedding in here and a darker color scheme overall, but he was still happy with what he has and his main goal was to get rid of the twin beds.  I too love what we did in here years ago and all of it is still in great condition.  So, the quilt, duvet, euro shams and throw pillows are all from the twin beds.  We purchased the exact same sheets he had before from Southern Tide in the queen size and called it a day.

We will leave the gallery wall in tact and are *hoping* we can leave that one light and mirror where it is and add the other set on this same wall.  We planned to hang lacrosse sticks here but ran into a little issue with that so we will do them somewhere else in the room.  Whit recently said he doesn’t like the crab painting in his room (Now that he is sleeping in there he said it is “too scary because of Mr. Crab Leg”.  Mr. Crab Leg is an old story Daddy-O told the grands and apparently it stuck… another story for another day.) John said he does like it so that might be a possibility for over his bed as well.

The little side table looks pretty dwarfed by the bed now and the desk needs to be shifted to the left.  The basketball hoop has since been moved downstairs to the basement where they can have more playing space.  Boys….

As far as the rest of the room, we left the paint, bedding, other furniture, curtains and most of the decor.  Here’s the rest of the to-do list:

  • Rug
  • Replace lantern with ceiling fan
  • Wall hangings over bed and desk
  • Tidy up desk and figure out where it should go
  • Decide if he wants to bring the basketball hoop back up from the basement; If it comes up I want to mount and hang on the wall rather than the closet door
  • Chair for in front of window, along with coffee table and bean bag for a seating area
  • Edit bookcase to be more “grown up” and maybe paint
  • Clean out the closets… ugh!
  • Decide on adding monogrammed lumbar to bed (Mother has everything to make it)
  • Figure out a place to set up his cello and be able to practice (Did I mention he’s playing the cello?!)

And here’s what we’ve done so far:

As a side note on beds, back when I graduated from Tech and moved in to my first apartment my parents took me shopping for a bed.  They said they could buy me this one very nice bed from Haverty’s that I’d have forever OR they could furnish my whole apartment for close to the same price from another store.  I chose the bed and I still have it in my guest room almost 20 years later.  It’s quite serendipitous that they are the ones that use it 99% of the time :-)  I still remember how excited and grateful I was to get that bed as my very first piece of furniture.  I’m not saying that John will want to take this bed one day, just that it is something I would love to have forever OR pass along to him one day.  <3

Stay tuned for more.  I think the rug comes next so that we can get that down before the rest of the furniture goes in place!

For all of you in Florida and coastal Georgia, please know that you are on my mind.  I spoke with Mother and Daddy-O last night and urged them to go ahead and come our way.  They just went through this last year with Matthew and the island where they live saw devastating effects; Irma is even stronger than that storm.  I just hate that at nearly 70 years old they are packing up again and leaving the home that they built and and raised their family.  <3  (They don’t seem too bothered by it. I’m the worry wart of the family.)


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23 thoughts on “Boy Room Update {The Queen Bed}

  1. We bought our daughters new bedroom suites when they graduated from college to start their new adult life. Both made great choices and are enjoying them with their families. Like you, I was happy they choice timeless classic pieces instead of something faddish. The room is beautiful and I love that you were able to use the pieces you had on the twin beds!

  2. Love the new bed! My boys both have queens and I am so glad because they are growing like crazy. My 13 year old is taller than me and my 11 year old isn’t far behind! And yes, it does make sense to pay more for a quality piece of furniture that you know you could have for a long time. I am sure he is loving his more grown up room! I am glad your parents are heading north. No need to take any chances. This hurricane is unbelievable and I am heartbroken for all the people in the Caribbean islands. I just hope the people in Florida listen to the warnings and get out now….Can you tell I have been watching the news too much lately?!! Scary stuff!

    1. He is loving it. I also am heartbroken for all that have been hit so far. It is truly devastating. And it’s not over yet. :-(

    1. I know! And the 90s seem SO long ago. My bed is practically vintage in the way that people call things vintage these days :-)

  3. Amanda, I love John’s new bed! Can’t wait to see the updates. So happy he’s playing cello; music is such a great activity.

    Continuing my prayers for your parents and everyone else in Irma’s path. The sky is bright blue today and we are all becoming anxious as to what next Monday and Tuesday will bring.

    Take care.

    Much love, Judy

    1. I agree about the music. I hope he sticks with it. I wish I had at his age. I hope that South Carolina fares well. It looks like it might be spared a direct hit. xo

  4. I was wondering if your parents were planning on leaving Savannah because of the storm. I was starting to stress out until this cold front came through over here yesterday! We are praying that it goes back out to sea!!!

    1. They should arrive this morning. I am feeling a bit hopeful that Savannah will be spared a direct hit but am so worried for family and friends in Florida. xo

  5. What a beautiful bed that is sure to become an heirloom piece. My BFF is on her way to Savannah to pick up her mother. My cousin has let me know they may be coming our way as well (they are in Ponte Vedre). Praying all stay safe.

  6. Lovely bed! Boys are so much fun but exasperating when it comes to decorating. I once tried to corral all of my son’s remote controls in a pretty seagrass basket and was told to “stop trying to decorate his room”. Sigh, he could live in a cave as long as it has wi-fi and games.
    Thanks for the room updates.

    1. HAHAHA!!!! I mean, as soon as he got the bed he checked out of the whole process. I hope that one day he will look back and realize that it is a part of my love language. :-) And maybe he will appreciate the love and effort that went into it. Maybe??

  7. The new bed looks great and the dark wood is perfect! Mr. Crab will be perfect in his new spot. I bet your father is a fabulous story teller. :-). Whit is surely anxious to put his stamp on his own room too. How wonderful that the transition is working out for all.

    May God bless your parents with a smooth trip. It is so hard leave one’s home and I pray everyone will be safe. I haven’t slept for two nights, worrying about my brother. Like you, I am the “worrier”. On top of everything else, he has a sweet, wild duck in his yard, ready to have her babies any day. It is breaking our hearts. :-(

    Please pray for the precious animals too, everyone and God bless you.

    1. Yes, God’s animals need our prayers too! I hope the mother duck fares well with her babies. Thanks, Jane, I always enjoy your thoughts.

    2. Oh, Whit now wants a bean bag chair and a basketball hoop. One room at a time though. Besides, his room sat there unused for years so I’m not overly anxious to change it. HA! I am working on a new piece of art to go over his bed – a custom painting of Elsa :-) I think he will love that. We can work on other updates once John’s room is done. And yes, we are praying for the animals too. Whit is my animal lover and he had me google what happens to the fish in the ocean when a hurricane comes. It seems like they barely feel any effect. Interesting!

  8. Long time reader, first ever comment!

    I play the cello and this (link below) is the most wonderful cello stand because you can leave the endpin in place — it really helps me practice more often, since I don’t have to do much “setup” — just twist the top black piece up and lift the cello out. If you keep a chair and music stand nearby he’ll have no excuse not to practice.

    For bonus points, cellos are beautiful to look at. We keep mine in the formal living room near the front door and I love seeing it often.

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