I Love {Nothing Bundt Cakes}

We celebrated Christmas with Honey’s family last night and were in charge of bringing dessert for the crew!  As much as I LOVE making desserts (I really, really do), I had been waiting for a good excuse to purchase the “bundtlets” from Nothing Bundt Cakes!

This was the perfect occasion because my sister in law is gluten free and they have a gluten free bundlet that gets great reviews.  We chose a variety of flavors for everyone else and it was all so easy that I had time to make name flags on my Cricut to top them off!!   (I cut them out of red cardstock and then used a gold sharpie to add the names.  I know the Cricut comes with pens but I haven’t yet figured out how to use those!)

The cakes are about $4 each and were delicious.  Having one for each person was more than enough and we brought the containers they came in with us so everyone could take their leftovers home.  These would make the cutest place cards for a dinner and favors for a party as well!  There are quite a few locations in the Atlanta area, as well as in other states.  You don’t even have to pre-order the bundlets – they keep them ready for carry out in the case.

The decorated full size cakes are also super cute and unique!  They have a whole section of birthday options, as well as seasonal cakes that are just darling.

I hope that you are enjoying slow days at work or an extended holiday at home or somewhere fun!!  I’ve had just a little work over the holidays that I’ve knocked out in the early mornings before the rest of my people have even thought about cracking open an eye.  <3


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7 thoughts on “I Love {Nothing Bundt Cakes}

  1. I’ve never heard of them – they’re adorable!

    I am working early mornings as well; my Honey is off work until 1/3 and we don’t start classes until 1/8 so we’re enjoying having the extra time together! xoxo

  2. I love them too!! I ordered the red velvet cake for Christmas dessert and they even delivered it right to our door…score!! It was so good and one less thing for me to do during the holidays!
    Happy New Year!

  3. All flavors are delicious! And they make a perfect little “surprise” or thank you! I have used the large cakes for birthdays…but everyone loves having their own flavor!

  4. We’ve been loving these for 2017. DH works just down the street from a location and brings home treats occasionally. He’s GF and says it they make the BEST gf cakes, bar none! I think they’re pretty awesome too!

  5. Love this idea to use these as placecards and have some leftover to take home!! We love the bundtinis for special treats (and you can sample more than one flavor because they are so small…at least that’s my excuse ?).

  6. Oh my…thanks for sharing these…found them in a Chicago suburb close to my daughter’s and will be a regular stop now…happy new year!!

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