Boys Bathroom {Fixtures, Mirror & Lighting}

Other than things like towels and tooth brush holders, I have now purchased everything for the boys bathroom!

Towel Hooks

I did a little poll on Instagram to help decide between a towel bar or hooks for the boys.  And, hooks were the overwhelming winner!  I was already leaning in this direction for a couple of reasons.  First, I don’t find many towel bars to really be long enough to adequately dry two towels that are used daily.  Second, I think my boys might actually use hooks.  Third, and most importantly, the space in here is tight.  Sister has a similar set up in our bathroom at Some Beach and I am always terrified that one of us is going to throw open the shower door and crash it into the towel bar and shatter it.  I will do two of these double hooks – one for each kid.  I chose these in particular because of their low profile.  I think this will help with the shower door situation AND I think these kids are going to be tall so I don’t need hooks jutting out from the wall that they might crack their heads on.  (To that end, John is already 2″ taller than me and Whit is on his way!)

Mercer Double Hook


I almost went with a medicine cabinet mirror but changed my mind at the last minute.  After sharing a single sink and mirror with the boys the last four weeks, I have determined that they are even messier than I originally thought.  I have no idea how they spray water all over a 3′ radius just by brushing their teeth.  Mother, of course, said I should TEACH them not to.  And I WILL to do that (added to the list…).  But, I had visions of a medicine cabinet mirror dangling off the wall and everything inside and out covered in water drops and tooth paste globs.  I figure a flat mirror with small frame will be the most boy-proof at this phase in life.

Vintage Pivot Mirror


I am reusing the existing light in their bathroom.  I love it and chose all of the other finishes in chrome to match.

Pullman Bath Light

I am reusing the existing toilet paper roller and hand towel ring as well.

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

Following is contact information for the contractor we selected.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

I’ll continue to share project updates and selections as we go along!!

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