Master Bathroom {Fixtures & Hardware}

I finally decided on and ordered hardware for the cabinetry in the master bathroom, as well as a few other fixtures.

Vanity and Linen Cabinet Hardware

First things first, the cabinet hardware!!!  I took a chance on these from Amazon since they were such a good price compared to others I’ve seen (and purchased in the powder room.)  They are beautiful and extremely heavy and well made.  I’m very happy with the choice!  I went with the 5″ length for both the vanity and the linen cabinet and am using the same style on both doors and drawers.

Lucite on Polished Chrome 5″ Pull

Door Hardware

You might recall that one thing high on our wish list was a bathroom door.  :-)  I ended up choosing two smaller double doors with glass and I think they will be beautiful.  After a mix up with the vanity hardware, I had the “bright” idea to use the same hardware as dummy knobs for the double doors.  Since the bedroom side of the doors is all gold fixtures, I am using two gold finish pulls on that side.  Then, on the bathroom side of the doors I am using the same chrome finish as on the cabinets but in a longer size.

Lucite on Polished Chrome 7″ Pull

Lucite on Satin Gold 7″ Pull

Towel Bars and Such

I have had a bit of a struggle figuring out what route to go here with the towels.  I love the look of pretty fluffy towels hanging nicely on a bar and also appreciate the practicality of hooks and basic everyday towels.  So…. I decided to do both.  (I think.)

On the wall near the shower and next to Honey’s vanity I chose a double towel bar.  I figure I can hang some pretty monogrammed towels here, as well as have room for his hand towel on the second bar.  These are part of the same collection as the faucets, for simplicity sake if nothing else.

24″ Double Towel Bar

Then, on the smaller wall next to my vanity I chose an 18″ single rod for my hand towel.

18″ Single Towel Bar

My thought is that I will use the hooks inside of the toilet room.  I have a bath towel, a hair towel, a robe, etc.  In the big blue bathroom we had stuff hanging from shower doors, nails in the wall, towel bars and draped over the tub surround.  So… I’m hoping to clean that look up.  A lot.

Double Robe Hook

Now, for the piece de resistance… the toilet paper roller.  Honey has offered zero input on any bathroom choices, selections, design, etc. until it came to the toilet room.  His sole request up until this point has been an outlet. For a TV.  In front of the toilet.  (insert bulging eye emoji) When I was running through all these towel bars and hooks and knobs he couldn’t have cared less until we got to the toilet paper roller.  At which point he said “I’m going to need one that doubles as a remote control stand.”  I laughed until I cried and told him he might need to build that.  And then I looked on Amazon and found the perfect thing.  I thought about NOT sharing this but then I realized you would all see the TV as soon as I shared the first bathroom tour.  So, I figured it was best to let that little oddity out of the bag now.  Besides, Honey said he has no shame in his game.

Toilet Paper Stand

Here’s a little reminder of where we left off last week.  Master Bathroom {Week 3 Construction Update}

If you want to track along, you can see the choices we’ve already made here…

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

Following is contact information for the contractor we selected.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

The tile has all been grouted (Is that a word?) and the dry wall crew is here now!  I’ll give a full update at the end of the week.

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9 thoughts on “Master Bathroom {Fixtures & Hardware}

  1. Everything’s moving along so fast now – although, I realize it might not seem that way to you ;-). I love how it’s all coming together! xo

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I just ordered the cabinet pulls for a bathroom we are renovating : ) You have excellent taste!!

  3. If it’s not too late to add power behind your toilet, I highly recommend a heated toilet seat. Trust me when I tell you, it is the best EVER. Numerous friends and family have added them to their bathrooms after visiting us, including my 95 year old mother in law.

  4. Everything looks gorgeous and the fish scale tile is TDF! Just a warning, we bought that same toilet paper holder for our second home and it corroded almost instantly. I don’t know if it is the sea air or what…just a heads up ;) So happy for you you and your new bathroom!

  5. We have similar lucite pulls on our kitchen cabinets at our beach house. We did have one of the lucite rods break about 1 year in. Since then, we haven’t had any issues. But you might want to buy 1 or 2 to keep as backup, since they are reasonably priced.

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