Make This, Not That {Cinnamon Breakfast Items}

For the second installment of Make This, Not That I’m tackling cinnamon breakfast items.

Last weekend I spent a whole morning in the kitchen making the Cinnamon Squares from the Magnolia Table cookbook.  They were not easy.  The dough was incredibly sticky and there wasn’t any indication in the recipe of what to expect with it or how you’d know your dough was just right.  Mine didn’t rise at all, and my cinnamon squares were entirely flat and unattractive, with the dough curling up on the tops and the filling oozing out everywhere.  They tasted fine, rich but fine, but sat like a lead brick in the stomach the rest of the day.  It’s rare that something around here doesn’t get eaten, and I threw out half of these two days later.

So, this brings me to the cinnamon breakfast items I DO recommend making!!!

Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts  |  Autumn Gatherings Apple Cider Bar

This recipe is from my all time favorite cookbook – Foolproof by Ina Garten.  She made these recipes over and over, and then watched others make them, to ensure that they are actually fool proof.  Which is key for a cook like me.  :-)

Cinnamon Toast The Right Way  |  Cinnamon Rolls 101  & FAQs

These are both from the Pioneer Woman.  I’ve made them multiple times, and love them, but could not dig up any pictures.  The cinnamon toast calls for nutmeg as an option.  I love it with the nutmeg but if you are more of a traditionalist, leave it out.  The cinnamon rolls make a TON and I love to give them as gifts to neighbors during Thanksgiving week or right before Christmas.  See the FAQ section for more info on those.

Sister Schubert Cinnamon Rolls

Finally, if you’re in a time crunch or just don’t enjoy cooking, we all love these.  I keep them in the freezer for an easy breakfast and, when I’m up really early making dining reservations for Disney clients, a week day breakfast treat!

Cinnamon Rolls

If you have a favorite cinnamon recipe, share it here!

Magnolia Table   |  Foolproof Cookbook |  Southern Living Ultimate Cookbook

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14 thoughts on “Make This, Not That {Cinnamon Breakfast Items}

  1. How disappointing that the cinnamon squares didn’t turn out!

    We love the cinnamon baked donuts, and I’ve been making cinnamon rolls (from Better Homes and Gardens) for years. I don’t like Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon toast ? because I like the cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on so that they stay crunchy.

    Thanks for sharing. – such a fun series! xo

  2. The pioneer woman rolls look divine. Would love to make and share with my neighbors. Do you wake up super early and cook them all and deliver? Or do you make dough one day and cook the next? Would love to know your timing as I think I’d like to make these to share

      1. Last question. If u freeze them fully iced. When u thaw them do u cook them again at a certain temperature? Just warm them up? Give them to neighbors frozen to do as they wish and if so what is the cooking instructions once thawed? Thx :)

  3. I love this new installment you are doing on your blog – Make This Not That. It’s very helpful! I actually made your recommended meatloaf recipe last night (while we ride out hurricane Florence in Charlotte, NC) and it was a huge hit with the family. I can’t wait to make some of the recommended Cinnamon Breakfast Items this Fall!

  4. I love this new series you are doing on your blog! It is very helpful! Last night I made your recommended meatloaf recipe (while we ride out hurricane Florence in Charlotte, NC) and the whole family loved it! I can’t wait to make some of your recommended Cinnamon Breakfast items this Fall!

  5. Yes, dissapounting Cinnimon Squares didn’t work out.

    I agree, I have several of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and Foolproof as well! Going to try this recipe have not made it. I love Sister Schubert’s dinner rolls & had no idea about the Cinnimon Rolls… trying these too!? Thanks for sharing.

  6. I make a French toast casserole using Pepperidge Farm cinnamon bread as the main ingredient. I use the usual “custard” recipe that most use with French toast. I cube the bread and either let it air dry for a day or bake it in the oven til slightly crunchy, almost like a crouton. Put the cinnamon croutons into a sprayed or parchment lined baking dish, pour the custard over the top. At this point you can bake it, or refrigerate overnight to be cooked the next morning. I usually make mine the night before. When ready to bake, 350* for about 45-60 minutes. If starting from refrigerator, I put the cold pan into a cold oven, so they can both warm up together. If not, prehheat the oven first. I serve it with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar over the top, and either syrup or a cream cheese icing drizzle. I have also dumped everything into the crock pot and cooked on low overnight.

  7. Another very good, but very simple French Toast trick is to use the round loaf of King’s Hawaiian Bread as your base. Slice it about 3/4 of an inch thick and dip in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg. Fry with a little butter in the skillet. The round loaf of Hawaiian Bread and freshly ground nutmeg are the two keys to this recipe. Unfortunately, the new King’s Hawaiian presliced regular oblong shaped loaf doesn’t taste nearly as good. I use Grenadian whole nutmegs from Penzey’s.

  8. I, too, had trouble with the cinnamon squares dough. Far too much sugar, the dough wouldn’t rise, and after 3 attempts, I gave up! I seriously think there is a misprint in that particular recipe. So disappointing!

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