A Snowy Formal Dining Table

I am excited to be hosting a Winter Tablescape hop with some of my favorite bloggers!  This is a seriously talented crew of ladies that I haven’t worked with previously so I’m hoping you will meet a few new people along the way.

If you’re joining me from one of the other ladies in the series, welcome.  I’m delighted you’re here!  You can learn more about me and this little piece of the internet HERE

A Snowy Dining Table

If you didn’t know it already, this first photo will make it clear that I have a very traditional home and love setting a formal table! I feel like I’m one of a dying breed in my generation. I’ll show you how I decorate a table, and my favorite things I put on almost every one – no matter the theme or occasion.

1. A Table Runner

I figure I will start from the bottom up. My inspiration for this table was simple – white and silver. I wanted it to sparkle just like a snowfall. (Not that I know toooo much about that here in Georgia.) The very first thing I did was clear the table and then line a set of paper snowflakes hand made by Mother and Daddy-O for my niece’s birthday party the day before. He spent hours on these and I loved repurposing them. To complete the runner, I added handfuls of Christmas snow.

2. Fresh Flowers & Candles

Next were the flowers and candles. I didn’t purchase a single thing for this table, which is always my goal. I did luck out with the fact that my niece celebrated her birthday the day before I set this table and my sister gave me ALL the flowers! I love using julep cups for flowers and have a set dedicated to just this, in addition to a 12 piece collection that I often use as water glasses here in the dining room. For flowers, they are small enough to not need a ton of flowers, but big enough to make a great impact when lining a table. I like to do a larger flower piece in the center that coordinates with the julep cups. The candles go with my china – Lenox Butler’s Pantry – and were wedding gifts.

3. Place Settings

The last thing to go on the table is the china, silver, crystal and linens. We received everything but the napkins as wedding gifts, many years ago. At the time I could not pick a fine china pattern – I just didn’t love any of them. So, I went with two sets of everyday china and use one everyday and the other in the dining room. I love that it is all white, was inexpensive enough that we got every single piece and serving piece, and that 17 years later it still goes with everything!

Here’s one last peek at the room. If you’re looking for a delicious winter meal, I just shared one on Sunday!

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I know one thing… the winter tablescape post was timely. I think this has been the most frigid week of winter we’ve had here in Atlanta. I feel like I can’t ever quite warm up unless I’m in bed with my heated mattress pad. Haha!


21 thoughts on “A Snowy Formal Dining Table

    1. Thank you Christi! I usually take them down after we’ve used them once but this one is so pretty it is still up. :-)

  1. Gorgeous table, Amanda! I love a formal and traditional look as well. The julep cups for flowers are so perfect – and so southern. Love it. Yes, we’ve had a crazy winter so far too. It has been SO cold these past few days!

  2. Amanda, congratulations on your lovely classic table – I must say, it’s the epitome of Southern class and grace. I just live down the road (SC) and miss out on the winter snow storms as well. However, I think your winderscape is spot on.

  3. Your tablescape is absolutely beautiful!
    The flowers are PERFECT and Daddy-O’s snowflakes are so special. ❄❄

    I am looking forward to these “new” blogs. Thanks, Amanda! Have a happy Wednesday!

      1. That is too funny! :-)

        The you-know-what candy has arrived at CVS! <3 I'm holding off just until after the weekend, though it's been staring at me for awhile!

        1. Hi Jane, I bought a bag yesterday from Target, and it is mostly gone. I have to make myself take only 3 pieces at a time!

  4. Amanda,
    Your Winter tablescape is so beautiful just like a fresh, clean blanket of snow! I must say your Dad did a great job of the snowflake runner that you used. I am glad to see someone in your generation doing traditional décor which I feel is timeless and classic but I can certainly understand why you feel you are a dying breed.

  5. Holy cow what a beautiful room! Yes, let’s keep the formal dining room alive. :) I adore the table runner and the tablescape is just stunning (and your photography!).

  6. I love your traditional table! I wish I could set a table like this for dinner most nights, but only end up with it on Sunday. Oh well. Amazing work!

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