Family Snow Globes

Bestie M and I have had what we call “crafter-noons” for as long as we’ve been friends. It is essentially girl time, where we have a little cocktail and make something – shirts, ornaments, cups, Minnie ears, you name it. I mentioned this to another friend and she loved the idea and decided to host a “crafter-noon” where we make family snow globes to display over the holidays. Ironically, we both follow and love Make It Momma on Instagram, so as soon as she said what she wanted to do I squealed “like Make It Momma!!!!”

These can really be made in any jar or container you love, and with anything inside. There were four of us, and they all turned out differently. (Our host also made one for grandma, which is why you will see five.)

Four of the five were in the Magnolia small cloche from Target. Two of us had the red door Christmas ornament from Target. Our host picked up a bunch of trees on sale at Ikea after the holidays, and I took Sister’s left over snow from CeeCee’s party and my Winter table. We each chose and printed photos to put inside.

We laminated our pictures there at L’s house, and cut them out again carefully. You can see that I left a little of white space at the bottom of mine to fold down and use as a base to glue to the glass piece. Since we did this so far after the holiday, we were all working with pictures we already had on hand. This one was from visiting Santa, and I cut myself out of the original. I added Elsa from a different picture.

We just used hot glue to attach everything to the base that came with the cloche. We covered up that mess with the snow. I think I will eventually glue down the top, but I wanted to make sure nothing fell over so I will wait until Christmas to do so.

We had the best time sipping our drinks, snacking on cheese (I brought these), nuts and such, chatting and crafting! I really can’t think of anything I’d rather do with my girlfriends. We are already planning our Easter “crafter-noon” gathering!


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6 thoughts on “Family Snow Globes

  1. Love this!!! I made a little snow globe with my late brother’s photo for his friend. Sometimes you can find them specifically for this idea but I really like the cloche design! Everyone did such a great job and your cheese sticks look delicious. :-) Happy Super Bowl!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I’ve seen those. I love that you made one for your brother’s friend. That is so thoughtful.

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