Our Patriotic Porch {Looking Back}

There are only two things about headed to Vancouver and Alaska next month that have me sad – missing Elsa Belle and not decorating the porch for our annual Fourth of July party!

I honestly thought about just doing it, but then I thought about having to undo it when we get back and the fact that we won’t be hosting a big shin dig this year, and my practical side won out.

So, I’m going to cheat some here and share last year’s decorations!

I made this DIY Sweet Land of Liberty canvas years ago and it is still going strong.  I made it the same size as the oyster painting that is usually here so it is really easy to swap.

I love tissue paper tassels for fun, inexpensive holiday decor.  You can see how to make them in this video:

The USA topper for my Happy Everything plate is one of my favorites.  These plates are a great option for seasonal decor that doesn’t take much room in storage.

Back when we first finished the porch Mother helped me make red and white covers for my throw pillows.  I just slide them right on top of the regular ones for an easy change up that takes up virtually no space in storage.  The flag pillow was another Pottery Barn find from a few years ago.

I purchased the large Pottery Barn wooden flag years ago and we swap it out for the fish painting each July.  Honey drilled holes in the top of its frame for an easy change.

For an easy 2-minute centerpiece, I filled four mason jars with hydrangeas (some cut and some purchased) and two flags to sit inside of my vintage Coke crate.   You can see my tips for working with hydrangeas in this post.

The table runner is another thing I’ve had for ages.  It was also from Pottery Barn back in the day.  I’ve gathered most of my patriotic items from them over the years.  I have also used the same American Flag Bunting for years.  I love that it is decorative from both outside and inside the porch.

I fell in love with the details and colors on this Georgia pillow and thought it was perfect to move outdoors with my patriotic decor.  There are other states available and they are a great price at about $21 with free shipping. 

I keep a planter with flags on the buffet table when it’s not in use for something.  Here you can see it set up for a girls dessert party a couple of weeks ago.  I added flowers to the vase and set up infused waters.

Speaking of which, you see my Patriotic Summer Dessert Centerpiece {Shortcake Bar} in this post.  It was easy and a lot of fun!

And finally, I shared 9 Tips for Easy Patriotic Decor in this post!

American Flag Bunting  |  Georgia pillow  |  Happy Everything Plate (affiliates)

The Delightful Home Tour  |  Holiday & Seasonal Decor  | Everything Patriotic

I hope that you are gearing up for a fabulous holiday – whether you are at home or on the road! 

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