Elegant and Easy Flower Arranging

I shared my very first “daily delight” video on the blog over three years ago. Time flies! It is still one of my most viewed posts and I still stay true to the tips and tricks I gave back then.

I put together this gorgeous green and white arrangement a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much it warranted hauling out my real camera for photos. In doing so, I thought it would also be worthwhile to revisit my Easy Flower Arranging Tips from a Novice.

The candle is from Draper James (it is amazing) and the coaster is from Ikea. I hide the matches under it.

Easy Flower Arranging Tips From A Novice

You can view my original step-by-step video here:

Here are a few tips to go along with the video. I do apologize that I have no idea what the actual names of these flowers are… again, I am a novice.

  • Consider using just one color or shade of flowers until you get comfortable. Here I used all greens and whites.
  • Choose three different things for each arrangement: 1. a large statement flower (I used rose and hydrangea here) 2. a smaller accent flower (the smaller green flower here) 3. greenery (eucalyptus, berries and that other puff ball here).
  • Trader Joes, Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Costco all have great variety at good prices. I picked all of these up at Trader Joes. I was able to make this plus 3 other smaller arrangements.
  • Work with a small container and do multiple arrangements rather than one large one. This container was from Pottery Barn a few years ago.
  • Change the water every 1-2 days. I snip the stems each time I change the water.
  • As pieces wilt or die out, remove them and then downsize your vase. It has been TWO weeks and I still have a small vase of flowers left from here that have life left.

Kitchen Tour

While I’m in the video sharing mood, you can take a tour of our updated kitchen here:

All of the sources and photos from the kitchen are here:

I hope you’re enjoying a great week. I had to whip this post out as I have a dermatologist appointment for Whit, tennis for Whit, church for John and lacrosse for John all TONIGHT. We have nothing on Mondays and Wednesdays but love to load it all in on Tuesdays, apparently.

Daily Delight Video Series

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