Winter Favorites

We have had the strangest weather this year – from 70s to snow to rain and back again. But, let’s be clear, I’ll never complain about 70 no matter what time of year! I share a version of these every year and this one is pretty much a carbon copy of the last! (just look at the old pics!)

Cherry Pit Pac

This little heating pad is filled with cherry pits.  I pop it in the microwave for two minutes and use it for various things – just staying warm under a blanket on the sofa, tucking it in the bed while I brush my teeth to warm up my spot, etc. Mother and I both have the oh-so-lovely cat fabric, while sister favors the dog fabric.  Function over form, people. These aren’t lookers, but they are great!

Harney & Sons Teas

After having tried boxes upon boxes of grocery and specialty store teas for years, these are my very favorite.  We brew this tea by the pot, drink it hot, and always add sugar.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to reaallllllyyyy cut back on that part though.  My top three flavors are:

Paris – a fruity black tea with a hint of vanilla and caramel
Hot Cinnamon – three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves
Wedding – white tea with a hint of lemon-vanilla and pink rosebuds

You might try them in the tins first and, if you enjoy, replenish with the bags as they are much cheaper.  (both shown below)

Electric Throw Blanket

This was a Christmas gift from Sister and is still going strong 4ish years later.  It does have a shut off after 3 hours, has 3 heat settings and is machine washable.  While it is washable, the last washing made mine less warm, I think.

Heated Mattress Pad

Even more amazing than the heated throw is my heated mattress pad!!  You read that right!  This was my Christmas gift a couple of year ago and it is the best ever. I can’t tell you how much I love crawling in a warm bed at night.  You can read a lot more about it here.

Ugg Bow Boots

These might in real life be the “ugg-liest” shoes ever created, but they are SOOOO warm! I’ve told the story before on how I finally got a pair, but it’s funny so I’ll share it again. I won a giant Victoria’s Secret gift card at Haven Conference one year.  I spend money on some things but undies is just not one of them.  So I sat on it for days, weeks, months.  Summer went.  Fall came and went.  And then it got cold.  So imagine my supreme surprise and delight when a VS catalog arrived and I was paging through it for some good fleece jammies and I saw that they sold Uggs.  With BOWS!!!  I promptly ordered them up and waited on them to arrive.  Honey got home before me that day and received the GIANT package from VS.  He was grinning like the Cheshire cat when I got home.  “Sooooo, what’d ya get????????????????????”  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I fell on the floor laughing.  I opened the box and pulled them out as a look of sheer disbelief and horror fell across his face.  “You got boots from VS?  The ugliest boots ever made?”  Yes, yes I did.  And when I slipped my feet into them and headed out to a frigid baseball game all was right in the world.  :-)  They have been my favorite winter boots since that day.

My Bathtub

I never in a million years dreamed this would go on my list, but here we are.  Haha!  I was never a bath person – likely because mine was navy blue and 40 years old.  But I’ve been converted.  I love the Dr. Teal’s lavender bath salts and bubble bath as well.  See more of my bathroom here.


I diffuse oils every day! This time of year in my office I typically have an OnGuard blend or Breathe blend. At night I do something with Lavender or Serenity. Today I’ve had a stomach ache so my office had peppermint and lavender and I’ve been using a digestzen roller ball. Honey calls these my snake oils and then hoots and hollers. Every.Single.Day. :-)

What are your winter necessities?  I always love finding little things that feel luxurious in everyday use!

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9 thoughts on “Winter Favorites

  1. We have several Winter favorites in common. And, I just have to say – look at that little Whit!

    Happy practically Weekend, friend! xo

  2. Darling,
    You just made my day with Honey’s commentary about the snake oils……..on repeat! I can see him now! Love Always, Marme

  3. Call me old fashioned but I love my hot water bottles! That and my uggs make winter so much more enjoyable, and I’m in Houston where it rarely freezes.

  4. Oh my goodness. The hot cinnamon tea is AMAZING! Just tried it because of your suggestion. I could live off the stuff. You always have the best suggestions. Thank you so much!

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