A 50th Birthday Porch Party

My dear friend and next door neighbor recently celebrated her 50th birthday. One difficult aspect of the pandemic has been seeing these milestone celebrations come and go without much fanfare. My other neighbor and I joined forces to plan an evening to celebrate with just the three of us on my back porch!

We set up drinks on the buffet table, and used fresh and faux hydrangeas (the birthday girl’s favorite) to decorate. We served the Empress 75 in the coupe glasses.

We set the food up on the dining table and sat here to enjoy each other’s company.

I had hoped to find blue and white hydrangeas, but only was able to locate white. I ended up purchasing one faux stem of the blue/purple color to use as decoration.

The mini boards come in a set of 6 with a stand for storage and were so perfect for this type of event! You can find the link to them here and a link to another event where I used them below: SET OF 6 BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS

We enlisted the birthday girl’s college aged daughter to find out some of her most favorite things… the Swedish Princess Cake and hydrangeas.

It was such a lovely evening and a wonderful celebration of our friend. We hit the lottery when she came all the way from California to end up next door six years ago. <3

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