I Love {Battery Powered Taper Candles}

After ordering and sending back a few different battery powered taper candles, I have a set I LOVE! I’ve had these girandoles here on the mantle for 11 years and seeing them lit – without worrying about burning down the house – has been magical and cozy on winter evenings.

Tour the den:

They were so realistic and nice that I bought a second set to be able to finally light these sconces in the living room too!

Tour the living room:

They operate by remote, which you realize is extra handy after having to physically take every one out of it’s holder on other brands to turn it on and off. You can also set an evening timer. The flame flickers and, from a distance, it is fairly realistic. They are certainly not perfect, but that is a small price to pay in my mind for not having to worry about a house fire started by a decorative taper candle! On a dining table I’d still use a real candle.

You can find them HERE.

Speaking of battery operated candles, I also have a few sets of THESE pillar candles and use them outside in the cabana, on the porch stairs and on the porch. They are powered by remote and are quite realistic inside of lanterns.

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3 thoughts on “I Love {Battery Powered Taper Candles}

  1. Yes, they do look realistic! I have a few of the pillar type but never thought of looking into the tapers. Yours are beautiful!

  2. Very nice! I have only ever seen safe pillar candles.

    I appreciate your review. I just watched “Fake Famous” and am doubtful of the authenticity of reviews as likely a ‘bot.

  3. I literally just received these exact same candles. My husband was impressed that the taper was real wax! I do (like you) still light real candles, but it’s so nice to walk in the family room and notice a candle that has been lit by a timer!

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