Living Room {Before & After}

Our living room has been in a state of change since the day we bought the place.  I originally set it up as a carbon copy from the living room in or old house – mainly because I already had all the fixins to do so.  Well, the space has been changed again.  It all started with a new year’s resolution and step one was “The Drapes That Dreams Are Made Of”.  It’s still sunny and frou-frou-ish, but the overall feel to me is a little more grounded and definitely more coastal. 
Here’s how the room looked on move in day…

And here’s the after after:

July 2013 109 copy

November 2013 247 copy

My bridal portrait (dubbed “Mommy’s princess picture” by the PCP), taken in Forsyth Park, and a pair of Oysteria plates from one of our NOLA adventures with bestie R hang over the settee.  Mother made the coral pillows to go with “The Drapes” and the bird was a lucky Home Goods find!

July 2013 110 copy

July 2013 068 copy

The coffee table holds treasured books, including my early edition of Gone With the Wind, more Oysteria plates and a hand turned wood bowl from the oak we lost last year made by family friend Matt Moulthrop.  Antique fishing floats fill the Oysteria bowl.  The cast iron urn was found at Paris Market and I used a few oyster shells from Mother and Daddy-O’s haul to fill in the base.

July 2013 099 copy

July 2013 100 copy

July 2013 101 copy

July 2013 102 copy

Moving around the room, an antique desk sits between the windows and my beloved oyster mirror has been relocated from the master bedroom.

July 2013 096 copy

On the wall adjacent to the dining room, I recovered the large french chair in linen.  The four oyster paintings were a 35th birthday gift from Honey and Sister and the monogrammed throw was a birthday gift from Mother and Daddy-O earlier this year.  The candle sconces were both procured at the Ballard Designs Outlet after a ten-month hunt to find TWO!

July 2013 055 copy

April 2013 006 copy

July 2013 104 copy

July 2013 105 copy

The side table holds my grandmother’s Bible and our family Bible.  The lacquered boxes were found at Home Goods in Savannah.  The lamp is by Aiden Gray and sits on Wisteria glass risers.

July 2013 103 copy  
The far end of the room is home to a wall of bookshelves.  I literally squealed with delight when our armoire and two bookshelves from our last house fit perfectly between the two existing built-ins.  But over the last few years it started to feel extremely dark.  I hated to paint them (in case I ever wanted them not painted again) so, after much brainstorming and pondering, I wallpapered them with grass cloth!  The sunburst mirror was a remake of a Target find.  I also removed the doors to the armoire and turned it into a little cocktail bar.

   November 2013 246 copy

February 2014 110 copy

February 2014 111 copy

February 2014 113 copy

The shelves are home to precious family photos, corals, and my collection of replica Savannah homes.  I flipped my book jackets inside out to be all white.  Yes, it makes it impossible to know what’s on the shelf, but neither Honey or I read the same book twice and most were hand me downs from my Aunt to Mother to moi.

July 2013 070 copy

The arm chair is covered in the same linen fabric and has my custom monogram from Number Four Eleven in a tone on tone thread.

July 2013 077 copy July 2013 106 copy

Paint – wall color is Benjamin Moore Seaspray and the trim is in Alabaster
Floors – unstained white oak
Drapes – Design Legacy fabric, made by me
Settee – Ethan Allen; Pillows made by Mother
Sconces – TJ Maxx
Rug – Ballard Designs Indoor Outdoor Leopard
Coffee Table and Antique Desk – from local shoppes
Chairs – custom from Calico Corners, recovered in Robert Allen Linen Duck Natural
Side table, armoire and bookshelves – Rich’s
Oyster plates – Oysteria
Oyster mirror & glass risers – Wisteria
Hand turned wood bowl – Matt Moulthrop
Monogrammed throw – Number Four Eleven
Lamp – Aiden Gray
Green glass vessel – Target
Candle sconces – Ballard Designs (outlet)
Grass cloth – Asiana

The thing I love most about this space is not that I’m pretty much the only one that uses it (although I do immensely enjoy that), rather that nothing in here is insignificant to me.  From my grandfather’s old movie reel to my grandmother’s Bible and memories of trips with friends and birthdays with family, everything has meaning.

Excited for the features at Cedar Hill Ranch and DIY by Design!

58 thoughts on “Living Room {Before & After}

  1. You know that I love the look and feel of that room. You have acquired a great collection of Oysteria items. But I am certain you need more! I hope to see you soon! xoxoxo

  2. The room is lovely… I do love the fabric, and as always, the coastal touches. But I am most inspired by your use of family pieces & things that "matter". You've inspired me to bring back out some of our meaningful things I'd previously packed away. Xo

  3. I think you room is just perfect, and I too, agree that the very best part is that each item is meaningful to you. That's the way we should all decorate.

  4. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You have done a wonderful job in that room. It feels homey and yet has a slightly formal look to it, too. A great blend of both qualities. LOVE it! Your pieces all work beautifully together- xo Diana

  5. As a reader who loves your updated traditional style, could you do a post on how you have taught your boys to respect and live with nice (and often breakable)furnishings! I'm sure it helps that they don't venture into this room but your whole house could be a temptation to little fingers and rough and tumble boys. I would love some hints!

  6. This is my first time commenting, but I love your blog. I found it after I moved to savannah a couple years ago and googled things to do with kids in savannah! Can you tell me where you got the fishing floats? I love them and got a couple at one fish two fish but they were so expensive I'm wondering if you've found them elsewhere.

  7. LOVE your blog! I adore your decor and style! Question… How would you decorate a rectangle, casual, coffee table? :) HELP!

  8. It's beautiful… I love the changes. I also love that it contains pieces that were collected over time and add meaning and memories to the room.

  9. So, so pretty! I never tire of seeing the special touches you add to everything. I love the significance of your mementos too. I think that adds real meaning to a home.

    If you ever tire of the oyster mirror, let me know! :)


  10. You have impeccable style and are an inspiration to keep things simple and crisp. I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous projects come to life. Now, one of these days, you must share your wedding photos….at least a few! ;) Jane

  11. One thing I love about your blog is how you are bringing up boys in beautiful spaces. I think it is great you are teaching your children to live with and take care of beautiful, meaningful things. Precious that your boys refer to your wedding portrait as Mommy's princess picture. DiAnne in NC

  12. Thank you ALL for the lovely comments! I've tried to answer questions here…

    1. How do we have breakables with boys? I'm not sure, but luckily it's never been a problem. We never cleared off tables or shelves when they were babies. We just taught them what not to touch from the get go. It started with letting them touch with just one finger and then they would quickly lose interest and head for toys, books and puzzles.

    2. The fishing floats were purchased as a lot on ebay for much less than the ones at one fish two fish!

    3. On a rectangle casual coffee table I would hunt the house for favorite nice looking books – coffee table books, old books, or just ones we love. I'd pair them with a nice big candle holder and a nicely framed family photo.

    4. The piano wasn't ours. The before photo was taken before closing day :-)

  13. Of all the rooms I have looked at in the last few years, yours by far is the most interesting and rich looking. It seems as if all the amateur decorating is blah. Yours has texture and personality. Keep up the good work.

  14. What an absolutely gorgeous space. I love the monogrammed chair and throw. I will be featuring this tomorrow night at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  15. What a terrific room. I like all the special details. I also love to decorate with family pieces and items that have memories attached to them. I am visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and am a new follower of yours. I wold love for you to stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit and to follow along.
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  16. That ikea frame and crane (egret?) is goood loookin'
    I love the grass cloth without the doors….makes that whole section look lighter and prettier….if that is even possible! :-). Saw your mommy on Instagram….I jealous! My mom made 6 rooms of curtains for my house years ago. Most we're toile, lined and with fringe. Southern moms are the best! My Mom is 85 and frail. Seeing Marme sewing brings a smile to my face and makes my heart ache :-).

  17. Hi Amanda! I hope you see this since it's an older post…question about the Ballard leopard rugs- have you purchased any of yours recently? I was reading the reviews and several people mentioned the version they're selling now are not the same as a few years ago, quality wise (that they are more shiny looking?) Have you heard of this? I consider you the leopard rug expert :) but wasn't sure if you bought yours at once or over the years.
    Beautiful home!

  18. Andrea – I have both the "old" ones and the new ones. The old ones are all inside of my house and I love them. The newer version is what I have on my porch. I definitely love the coloring in the old version better. It also lays flat. The new version came so wrinkled and even after almost two years, some of the edges just won't lay flat. I didn't have that problem with any of the ones inside. They are definitely different and I cannot recommend the new version :-(

  19. Such a pretty space. I especially love that you have family and kid pictures in this space. I have three little ones and love seeing the wonderful memories of them all around, but most designed spaces say to put those all away except for in the family only rooms. You definitely incorporate them nicely.

  20. You have a gift for design. Love your southern traditional with a coastal twist style. All except the white books, just not my thing, I adore old books with their patinas! But I digress, the grass cloth you used in the shelves is perfect…I may have to steal that one…
    I’m new to your blog, and you are now on my list to revisit. Thanks for sharing. Marie

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