Around Atlanta {Hamilton: The Room Where It Happened}

Yall…. We made it to the room where it happened!!!

We didn’t throw away our shot!

Enough yet? I could go on for days. :-)

After a tremendous disappointment last week with Hamilton being cancelled just minutes before curtain, our rescheduled show went off without a hitch. And, it was absolutely amazing! We originally booked Hamilton Atlanta in 2019 for spring 2020, then fall 2020 and September 15 and, finally, September 20. The fourth time was the charm, in this case. I should also mention that we were thrilled when we pulled up to the parking garage and they said it would be free of charge, after last week’s debacle. <3

Our show was a last minute addition to the calendar for everyone at the cancelled show the week prior. The excitement level in the audience was contagious. Thunderous applause ended so many songs.

We had incredible seats just a couple of rows back in the lower balcony, and almost dead center. I could have cried, the whole thing made me so happy. When we bought the tickets, we had just seen it as a family in NYC. Of course, we had no earthly idea what was to come and how long it would take to actually make it to the theater. My only regret was that we didn’t bring the boys (but I was thinking they JUST saw it). We loved the King, Burr, Laurens, Angelica and Eliza, but the whole show was excellent, as always.

Since the reschedule was so last minute, there weren’t any great pre-show dining reservations to be had and many places are closed on Mondays. We ended up at The Lawrence. It was entirely unremarkable. Throughout our whole meal, we rehashed the divine experience we enjoyed the week prior at Lyla Lila.

This was the most exciting Monday we’ve had in ages. I hope to see Frozen at the Fox when it comes next season. We chose Hamilton when we were in NYC, but Frozen was our second choice.

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4 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Hamilton: The Room Where It Happened}

  1. I was so looking forward to Frozen and when we finally saw it my whole family agreed the Hollywood Studios show is so much better. The Broadway show has additional songs which we’re not a hit with most of the audience. I’m happy I saw it but it’s not one of Disney’s best shows.

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