Around Atlanta {Lyla Lila & That Time We Didn’t See Hamilton… Again}

After two years and three reschedules, we were thrilled to make our way in town for dinner and a show! Let’s start with dinner. Lyla Lila is located in the same block as The Fox Theater and couldn’t be a more perfect pre show dinner option. It was a rainy night, so the proximity to parking and the theater was even more appreciated than usual.

The space is beautifully decorated with airy ceilings, sweeping views of the bustling street, casually elegant decor. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE eating in pretty places.

We started with cocktails (Monk’s Repose and Fist of Fury) and the crispy artichokes. The drinks were perfect and the appetizer was absolutely delicious – and not something I’d ever make at home.

The menu is southern European, evolving seasonally to reflect local availability of everything from the vegetables to the seafood. Everything we ate was divine and just as beautiful to look at as the restaurant itself. We weren’t absolutely starving, so we opted to share two pasta dishes and the okra. Honey’s favorite was the smoked ricotta ravioli, and I loved the wagyu beef ravioli, but both were excellent and it was nice to have some of each. I loved this presentation of okra as it was different than any way I’d ever enjoyed that veggie, which is nice here in the South!

It was such a delightful time!

We originally booked Hamilton Atlanta in 2019 for spring 2020, then fall 2020 and now fall 2021. We were absolutely giddy to get to the show after dinner! Well, they left everyone standing outside in the rain. Forever. After 45 minutes of waiting at around 7:08 PM (curtain was 7:30), they finally sent a parking attendant out who shouted “SHOW IS CANCELLED. GO HOME. CALL THE FOX TOMORROW IF YOU NEED INFORMATION.” What??? It was mass chaos and confusion. We didn’t believe it at first but, sure enough, people were leaving in droves. We finally made our way to the box office where we were told they had technical difficulties. We found out the next day on Facebook that they didn’t complete their “covid protocols” in time and cancelled. Such a huge disappointment.

Our show was rescheduled for next week and we are trying to piece together help with the boys (again) to get down there. Part of me wants to throw in the towel after seeing it twice in New York. But then the other part of me thinks I waited two years, what’s one more week. HA!

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5 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Lyla Lila & That Time We Didn’t See Hamilton… Again}

  1. We were at Elsewhere Brewing on aN August Sunday night with live singing. The table of 4 next to us were part of the Hamilton traveling show and the Elsewhere singer, Ethel, asked the tall guy to come up to sing. He looked as if he could be a NFL tight end since he was so tall and muscular. He had a great voice and the patio was treated to one song by him. We were too late to snag good seats at the show, but I hope you enjoy.

  2. Wow Amanda! You are dedicated. I think after such poor treatment I might throw in the towel on Hamilton. However, I would love to be a part of that dinner! From the atmosphere to the drinks and dinner, looked wonderful! At least the night wasn’t a total loss!

    1. We thought about not going and getting our money back. It really was despicable treatment. Things go wrong, but there is a way to deliver that message in a compassionate, sensitive manner. Let’s hope tomorrow happens.

  3. My son was there Wednesday with his friend and friend’s dad. I thought (hoped) he was joking when I got the text from him about what was happening. Ugh. Hope everything goes well on Monday for the reschedule!!

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