Adult Halloween Party 2021 {Office Space Style}

This year’s adult Halloween party at the club was back to normal with food, drinks, a DJ, dancing and a costume contest! We attended with friends and Honey chose our costumes for the evening.

Office Space is one of Honey’s all time favorite movies and he has dressed up as Bill Lumbergh numerous times over the years. I, on the other hand, don’t make a great Jen doppleganger. Everyone still recognized me as Joanna and loved reading the authentic details on my flair. :-)

Both of the boys were able to dress up for school today too. John threw random costume accessories in his backpack to “see where the moment took him”. Whit scrambled through our costume bin and ended up going as Pope (Whitfield) Francis (his middle name). He won best costume in his homeroom. His living wax museum project on Pope Francis was one of my top elementary school memories.

For trick or treat, John is either going as a nun or a rapper (talk about two ends of the spectrum). Whit is going as ghost face. It’s his first “scary” costume.

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One thought on “Adult Halloween Party 2021 {Office Space Style}

  1. Amanda, I LOVE you and Honey’s Office Space costumes!!! It is one of the BEST movies ever, I work in corporate so I get it!! Ya’ll look SPOOKtacular!!!

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