Sun Valley {Skiing & Enoteca Dinner}

We had a full day of skiing and then enjoyed a lovely dinner in town on our second full day in Sun Valley!

Sun Valley Idaho
Day 1: Arrival, Village Tree Lighting & Roundhouse Dinner
Day 2: Sun Valley Lodge, Boys Ski Baldy, Pioneer Saloon
Day 3: Skiing & Enoteca Dinner
Day 4: Sun Valley Lodge, Family Ski Day, Rickshaw Dinner
Day 5: Konditorei Breakfast, Ski & Spa, The Ram Dinner
Day 6: Traveling Home

Skiing Sun Valley

It’s kind of like the boys have to draw straws on the days when I ski with them. Nobody wants to be stuck on greens all day but Honey, who has the patience of a saint, always takes one for the team. :-) We can’t get over how easy and quiet this resort is. Even just a few days before Christmas and there are no lines at the lifts and everything is just as smooth as can be.

Of course Whit has loved seeing all the snow dogs. This one took the cake today!

Sun Valley Lodge

We took a breather at the lodge to warm up by the fire, shower and sip on hot cocoas from the Chocolate Foundry. They are so darn good I can’t even worry about all the sugar, marshmallows and whipped cream I’m consuming. Besides, skiing is hard work. :-)


The valet took us the one mile to town for a lovely dinner at Enoteca. It was a lively spot and we loved rehashing our day.

The food was delicious and hearty and not a bite was left at the end of the meal. I absolutely loved the Idaho trout. The boys all raved about their meals as well.

Back at the resort we were all out before we knew what happened!

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2 thoughts on “Sun Valley {Skiing & Enoteca Dinner}

  1. Your pictures of Sun Valley are absolutely beautiful! The resort, the snow, the food and the Hallmark movie scenery are just stunning. I looked up the temps in Sun Valley and they aren’t bad compared to other areas with negative wind chills. Hope you guys have no trouble getting out with that whopper of a storm hitting most of the country in the next few days.

    BTW… that a starter mustache on Whit or just a shadow? If it’s a mustache, I know I am getting old! LOL

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