Sun Valley {Sun Valley Lodge, Family Ski Day, Rickshaw Dinner}

It was another blue bird day and delicious night in Sun Valley!

Sun Valley Idaho
Day 1: Arrival, Village Tree Lighting & Roundhouse Dinner
Day 2: Sun Valley Lodge, Boys Ski Baldy, Pioneer Saloon
Day 3: Skiing & Enoteca Dinner
Day 4: Sun Valley Lodge, Family Ski Day, Rickshaw Dinner
Day 5: Konditorei Breakfast, Ski & Spa, The Ram Dinner
Day 6: Traveling Home

Sun Valley Lodge

We started today with room service breakfast – one of our collective favorites for a vacation treat. (We realized the price was the same as in the restaurant plus a $3 flat fee soooo… why not!?)

Family Ski Day

We geared up and hit the slopes for day 2 of 2 family ski days. (The guys did two more on their own.) It was another stunning day!

I tend to do a run, hit the lodge, do a run, hit the lodge…. on repeat all day. Honey said he was happy to give his legs a rest with me after chasing after the boys.

The boys hung with us for an hour or so and then headed off for harder things. The tracked us down when it was time to eat again.

A few more afternoon runs and this was the last photo Honey got of me. All smiles that I survived another ski trip!

Rickshaw Dinner

We changed up for dinner quickly so we could get in line at Rickshaw by 5:15. We heard it was a tiny little place, and that’s the truth! You simply add your name to giant sheet taped to the wall and wait your turn for one of the coveted seven tables inside. We hovered by the fire until our spot was ready!

This was our FAVORITE meal we’ve had all week. Oh my gosh, I just can’t even rave enough about how delicious everything was. I kept saying “we’re ordering too much” but not a bite was left. I have been searching the web to see where I can get Chiang Mai Curry Noodles in Atlanta, and will be thinking about that dish for a long, long time. It was the tiniest little restaurant and everything about our night here felt special.

Sun Valley Village

Back at the resort we couldn’t resist stopping in the Chocolate Fondry for our nightly hot cocoa. On the way we encountered the most charming carolers. I tell you…. this is a real life Hallmark movie!

Sweet dreams from Idaho.

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One thought on “Sun Valley {Sun Valley Lodge, Family Ski Day, Rickshaw Dinner}

  1. It’s a true winter wonderland! ❄️❄️☃️☃️❄️☃️☃️❄️❄️❄️ I believe your life IS a Hallmark movie! 😃🍿🎄🍿 Merry Christmas! ❤️ Jane 🌴

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