Sun Valley {Traveling Home}

Our final morning meant one last trip to the Konditorei for crepes, coffee and hot cocoa. We packed up and caught our ride to the airport around 11AM.

Sun Valley Idaho
Day 1: Arrival, Village Tree Lighting & Roundhouse Dinner
Day 2: Sun Valley Lodge, Boys Ski Baldy, Pioneer Saloon
Day 3: Skiing & Enoteca Dinner
Day 4: Sun Valley Lodge, Family Ski Day, Rickshaw Dinner
Day 5: Konditorei Breakfast, Ski & Spa, The Ram Dinner
Day 6: Traveling Home

Nerves were running high at the Sun Valley airport and, after multiple delays, our flight to Salt Lake was the first one to make it out that day.

Our flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta was also delayed, but not as much so after a literal RUN through the airport, we made it by the skin of our teeth!

We were home around midnight and then on the road home to Savannah this morning. Part two of Christmas travels starts now!

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