Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Grad Party: Invitation}

Over the next few days I hope to share videos of John’s grad party. I’ll start today with the invitation.

John’s Grad Party
The Main Event Video
On the Porch Video
Y’all Come On In Video
Candy Board
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Photos from Sister

John has talked and plotted for years about having this party with his best friends Carl and Michael. And gosh are they are FUN group to celebrate. When Sister was trying to arrange the trio into a photo before prom I said “please cooperate because we need this for your grad party invite”.

She didn’t miss a beat when she said “surely you aren’t putting a pic of them in tuxes on that invitation!” And I KNEW she was right. While they clean up well, they are not tuxedo kinda kids. They are exuberant and funny and fun and brimming with school spirit and social activities. I knew then that I’d turn this photo into the jumping off point for their celebration.

It truly could not have been more perfect for them. When I texted them a preview for approval, I got all sorts of lingo back that I could hardly interpret. :-)

I have had SO MUCH FUN getting back to designing all the party things this graduation season.

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One thought on “Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Grad Party: Invitation}

  1. You did a SPECTACULAR job!!! This was your Super Star Event!! Congratulations, Amanda. It’s beyond anything you’ve done and that’s hard to do! Jane – San Diego

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