Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Grad Party Pics}

It hard to believe we celebrated John, Michael and Carl six weeks ago! It was such a wonderful party that we still chat about often.

I shared videos and little details from the party, as well as my season decor in the posts below. Today I’ll share all of the photos from my camera roll!

John’s Grad Party
Party Pics!
The Main Event Video
On the Porch Video
Y’all Come On In Video
Candy Board
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Cornhole Set

Graduation Season Decor
Displaying Graduation Announcements
Den & Kitchen
Custom Candles
Living Room & Dining Room
Mascot Painting & Grad Gifts

The invitation was SO them and was the jumping off point for the rest of the party. They are fun loving guys full of school spirit and the invite showcased that!

The Main Event

The “main event” happened in our courtyard, cabana and pool area. Due to horrible predicted weather, I panic rented a tent a few days before hand. It proved to be a spectacular showpiece, provided shelter from the 5 minute downpour, and then gave us shade for the rest of the event. I don’t think I’ll ever host another big event without one.

The tent housed the bar and six cocktail tables and was absolutely the most popular spot to be.

Sister helped make all of the flower arrangements, which were just fabulous in the school colors.

We hired a bartender to keep things on the up and up with the kids. We served a variety of soft drinks, water, beer and wine. I designed and ordered a banner for each of the boys, and we used them around the house as party decor. I designed the cups and napkins last year so that I could order a large quantity and use them for homecoming, football games and the grad party.

My favorite touch were the custom koozies. These were a big hit with all of the party goers!

On the fireplace wall, I reused the fringe wall and neon Raiders sign you’ve all seen here a bunch of times. It was the perfect photo spot!

We moved the dice game board John and friends painted to the space between the cabana and pool.

Inside the cabana, I added a few festive ribbons and another flower arrangement. Honey made the most fabulous video with a Star Wars intro to play on a loop on the TV. He secretly spoke with a few of their friends to gather intel on some inside jokes, nicknames and references and the boys LOVED IT! Each family contributed about 30 photos, and then the last section was about 60 of them and their memories together.

Around the pool deck I used more balloons, one of their party banners and we had cornhole. Festive floats were a fun addition. I used non-permanent vinyl to add the party logo to the cornhole boards.

You can watch the video of this space prepped for the party here:

On the Porch

With the weather predictions, we moved more things inside than I had originally planned. On the porch we rearranged the seating to offer a better traffic flow (190 guests!) The parents and boys came over early the morning of the party to move, arrange and prep. I used all of my Raider party wares and decor from past events over the last 4 years. And, John’s Raider paining was the crown jewel!

Each of the boys had a table with their yearbook for signatures and mementos and photos. I used the cricut to cut out college logos on sterilite tubs to collect gifts. Then, they can take them to school for storage!

You can watch the video of this space prepped for the party here:

The Driveway

The driveway isn’t an elegant spot to host a party but we had to make use of every square inch :-) The food truck parked here, so it was another popular gathering spot. We set up a few tents and tailgate chairs and all were used!

Y’all Come on In

Most people entered from the porch, so the front rooms weren’t heavily used. I did have a couple of teens tell me how they were excited to see their announcement on our garland :-)

The living room and dining rooms were extra seating!

In the kitchen we served cupcakes on the beverage bar!

Then, on the island we had a candy board. This was completely wiped clean and something the kids raved about!

Read about the candy board here:

And my sugar cookie recipe here:

Other festive touches were scattered around!

Wrapping up the inside, the den got the last of the three banners, flowers and ribbons and was well used for seating during the party.

You can watch the video of this space prepped for the party here:

Thank you all for reading to the end! It was a magnificent celebration for three of my favorite teens! I’m in denial that they start leaving home so soon.

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