Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Graduation Season Decor: Den & Kitchen}

I’m continuing my mini tour of our graduation season decor in the den and kitchen today.

Graduation Season Decor

Ever since the party, we enjoyed the banner with John, Michael and Carl. Before the party I simply had the garlands and ribbons on the fireplace.

On the coffee table I went with red, white and blue flowers all season long. We are still burning the very end of his 2024 candles.

On the sideboard I added a few more ribbons, and we used my oyster bowl as a catchall for all of his cards. I have also been saving the thank you notes from his friends as so many include the sweetest memories and sentiments.

Here’s the look from the den to the kitchen.

While I chose red, white and blue flowers all season, the ones in these photos were all arranged by Sister!

While I patiently await the custom painting coming for the new beverage bar, I hung John’s letter jacket!

You can see that I added a bar table to this space and we have absolutely LOVED it for both practical and simply decorative purposes. His yearbook and another 2024 candle spent most of the season here.

On the counters I had a few vignettes using my Happy Everything! and Nora Fleming collections.

Tomorrow we finish up inside.

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