Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Graduation Season Decor: Foyer}

I piddled around most of April with adding little touches of decor inside to enjoy throughout John’s graduation season. It felt so festive and gave me something to do when things felt a little heavy. To be honest, I never planned to fully decorate the house, but it happened over time so I went with it. Then, when weather demanded we have indoor options for his big grad party, I was relieved that I had done all of this!

Graduation Season Decor

Coming into the foyer, you’ll see the “theme” I used throughout the house – greenery and ribbons in his school colors.

Mother ironed his graduation gown early in the month and hung it here on the door to my office. I left it there up until graduation day. A special reminder of what was to come!

On the entry table I moved his formal graduation photo from the living room shelves. I tied his tassel to my preserved boxwood wreath.

I shared the stairs a while back, and have enjoyed adding so many beautiful faces to it over the last couple of months.

You can read that post and find sources here:

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the den and kitchen!

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