My Little Garden

I did my spring plantings on Good Friday and have just loved spending time cultivating my little garden this spring and summer. The two beds are located in the same spot in our side yard as they were back when the boys were little. Time does fly.

I still have the original front porch railings back here as a little “fence” denoting the garden area. Two rosemary shrubs are on either end. Honey worked tirelessly to add a water line and a garden hose to make watering easy! (We used to have water tied into our irrigation system but when we dug up the back yard for the pool, that was a casualty. We had hoped to have it fixed, but that was going to be an expensive endeavor.) On the back side we have three evergreen shrubs as a bit of separation from our neighbors.

This area gets full sun and is easily accessible from the kitchen and porch. I used one bed for herbs and veggies and the other for cutting flowers.

The zinnias turned out beautifully and I’ve loved having them to cut and bring inside SO MUCH. This bed is aflutter with bees and butterflies all day! (Of course we don’t spray for mosquitoes so we get to enjoy a plethora of all sorts of flying things.)

I bring in bowls of tomatoes this size every few days, and we’ve been using the peppers in homemade salsa every week!

Garden Hose Holder
Garden Trellis
A-Frame Trellis
Sprinkler Timer

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4 thoughts on “My Little Garden

  1. Real labor of love there. How rewarding! Glad that the wildlife leaves you some gems. ;)

    Re irrigation I was going to suggest a TreeGator for your tree. Such a dry summer on East coast!

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