Family Camp Night

Tuesday night at camp was family night at Camp Kingfisher.  So I packed up a picnic, doused the baby in bug spray and cajoled Honey into coming home from work early so that we could make the most of it.  And that we did!

We started with a hike through the aviarys.

We picniced on sandwiches, homemade chips, blueberries and rice krispie treats.

We went on a gentle family canoe ride (baby and all).

And then let the big boys go for a more rollicking spin.

We enjoyed live animal presentations of snakes, turtles and a big ol raptor (not to be confused with the rapture, that us Catholics don’t believe in anyway.)

We explored the Discovery Center – enjoying exhibits on habitats, lessons on rivers and wetlands and seeing a few choice creatures.  This part of our adventure was **air conditioned**.  So, as any faux nature lover would do, I prolonged our stay here for as long. as. possible.

And we ended the night with silly camp songs a la “…peel banana, peel peel banana…”

It was a pretty fab night – even for this girl that admittedly prefers creature comforts over creatures themselves.
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Camp Kingfisher

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Worth Seeing

A few years back and on the reco of bestie S, I spent a long summer day lost in the pages of Water for Elephants.  Set in Depression-era America, the novel tells the tale of a young, forlorn vet that joins a travelling circus and impossibly falls in love with the boss’s wife turned star… Read More

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Waverly World

You know when you think (but aren’t absolutely certain) that you want something (fabric in the case of today) and you jet off to the store (Forsyth Fabrics – more on that mecca tomorrow, perhaps) to decide for sure and then you end up not being able to get it (because they sold out the DAY… Read More

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Elaborate Plans

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On My Bedside

Allright y’all, brace yourselves as I divulge my true literary prowess… … let me introduce you to Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I say “introduce” because unless you have a preteen daughter, often peruse the latest Scholastic book offerings or have a fabulous bestie E with unrivaled taste in juicy, teenage drama, I am quite certain… Read More

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Oakland Cemetery

Along with besties C, E and N, last weekend I took a walking tour of Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta’s Grant Park.  Founded in 1850 and the first public burial ground in the city, the sprawling forty acre cemetery is a historic Atlanta landmark and the magnificent final resting place of more than seventy thousand souls.… Read More

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