Days Like This

Honey and I scooted off on a date night to the Braves game last night.  Back when dates were plentiful and littles were not, a ball game would have been just about the last place I’d want to spend a night out.  But these days, before I’ve even heard his proposition on where we might… Read More

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Dad’s Day

We had such a fun and exhausting day doing everything Honey’s way for Dad’s Day! At the request of the honoree, we kicked off the festivities with McDonald’s sausage & cheese muffins (which the PCP immediately declared smelled and tasted like poop…and I could neither disagree, make him eat it nor punish him for the… Read More

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This Father’s Day morning, while Honey peacefully slumbers upstairs and before we gear up for his big day, I am celebrating my own Daddy O. He’s an only child that impressed upon me how fortunate I was to have Sister in my life.  He would almost cry when we fought – hurting that we didn’t… Read More

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Memorial Day

Like many others, we spent our long first weekend of summer soaking up the sun while enjoying the company of friends and family. We kicked off the pool season with an ice cream social Thursday afternoon.  On Friday, Honey picked the PCP up early from his last day of preschool (boo-hoo) for a father-son round of… Read More

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