2017 {Make Today Delightful + My Old Standby}

I’m not one to really make new year’s resolutions.  I think when I was younger it was because they were all impossible and promptly forgotten within a few days.  In reality, things are good here – we’re happy, healthy, blessed.  So, in 2017, I want to keep on keeping on, making every day delightful.  It… Read More

Bubbling with Excitement Teacher Gift {Free Printable}

It’s really so hard to believe that another school year is upon us!  Each year we have the chance to meet our teachers the week before school goes back and I find it is always a great ice breaker to have a little something to give them.  We’ve done something different every year (look here… Read More

Test Day Treats {Free Printable}

With Spring Break wrapping up and the end of the school year in sight, that  must mean it is time for standardized testing at our school.  Happy happy, joy joy :-)  John’s teacher asked me to help coordinate little pick-me-up treats for the class during their tests.  She provided a darling file from The Polka-dotted Teacher and I… Read More

No Foolin’ Around

April Fools Day is right up there with Groundhog Day on the list of the most random holidays we celebrate.  Aaaaannnndddd, it is HANDS DOWN one that my littles talk about and bring up time and again through the year.  I’ve got three different April Fools Day dinners that are all pretty much guaranteed to bring… Read More

One Fish Two Fish {Printable}

Whit’s class has a whole day of FUN planned for Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2!  They are bringing in their favorite Dr. Seuss books, dressing in red shirts to become the “things” and enjoying a themed snack.  I am contributing One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, GOLDFISH! This really couldn’t be any easier!  I… Read More