The Road to Disney

In the vein of the road trip baskets I put together for the drive to Rosemary Beach back in July, I’ve been collecting inexpensive Disney themed items for the even longer haul down to Orlando.  And, after months worth of gathering said inexpensive items, I finally pulled out all my purchases and assembled the goods.  And they are a little over the top.  Even for me.  And that’s saying a lot.  Seriously, these were just supposed to be a couple of activity books to pass the time.  Instead they are about a million times more fantastic than what our Easter bunny typically bears (those were so unremarkable that they weren’t even photographed.)

I await with bated breath the moment the littles first crack their eyes open on the day we leave for Disney and we exclaim… “Rise and shine, we’re going to DiSnEy WoRlD!!!!”  Recall, they don’t yet know!!!

It wouldn’t be a trip in the Jeep without plenty of snacks.  I printed out a wrap, “Meeska Mouska Mouse Mix”, for a an upcycled Fritos can from the dollar bin and will fill it with snack mix (pretzels, cheerios, raisins, nuts, craisins and a few m&m’s).

The bonus of the buckets and balloons is that they’ll absolutely be repurposed for the baby’s Mickey Mouse themed birthday party!

Here’s the deets:

  • Beach bucket – $5 (bucket – Michael’s – $1; vinyl name and mouse stickers – Grimes Graphics – $4) – will also be used at the pool
  • Balloon – Walmart $2.75 – great party decor for the baby’s party
  • Sticker activity book – Walmart $4
  • Signature book – made by me $3.75 – for character signatures and pictures
  • Magnetic write board – Dollar Tree $1
  • Chalk board – Dollar Tree $1 – scribble on now, hang in their rooms later
  • Mickey’s Road Trip Matching Game – made by me $2
  • Crayons – Dollar Tree $1 for three packs
  • Coloring and Activity Books – Dollar Tree $1 each
  • Water bottles – Grimes Graphics – $5.75 – we’ll carry these in the park each day
  • Meeska Mouska Mouse Mix – created with supplies on hand

Bless his heart, I think Honey’s put out that he isn’t getting a bucket.  It being his first trip to Disney and all. :-)

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17 thoughts on “The Road to Disney

  1. Love, love , love this idea. Keep them coming. Can't wait to use these ideas on our upcoming trip to Disney!

  2. You crack me up. This is totally something I would do. :)

    And for the record – I blame Dollar Tree. But it was just $1!! They always have so much awesome stuff. Speaking of which where are the Mickey figurines?? I ended up with a bunch and I have no idea what I am going to do with them.

    For your upcoming party – I highly recommend the mickey straws that you will find in all the resort cafeterias. Pop some marshmallows on them cover them in chocolate and sprinkles. They make AWESOME favors.

    And stop by the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kindom and watch them make Mickey Carmel Apples – so easy and another amazing treat idea for a party.

  3. OH my goodness I can't believe that this is your husband's first time. I'm SURE he is going to have the best time maybe even more than the boys!! ;) My 2 boys are 10 and 6 and we go every year. It's my husband that plans it because he LOVES, WE love it. Everyday from work, he comes home and tells me what he's been blogging about on the forums, etc. Even though we go often, it's a new experience each time! This will be our 2nd time on the dining plan. We didn't realize how many daily snacks they give you. We had 7 snacks to go on our last day checking out. The boys had so much fun picking out snacks for our road trip home! You can fill your bucket right up as you leave. Disney is the BEST!!! SO excited for you!! :)

  4. Cute! I'm hoping to surprise my own kiddos with a Disney trip in the spring so will make something like this for sure.

  5. What a great idea!!! We are planning a road trip to Sesame Place this summer, definitely going to steal this idea!!!

  6. These are amazing!! I am taking my 4 children, and my parents to Disney in November. ANyway I am also surprising my kids, and have been looking for ideas on how to put together a gift bag/bucket. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  7. These are great!! I will be doing something like this for our annual trip to our time share in Florida. Would it be okay to post a link to your blog as where I came up with the idea?

  8. I am bringing a bucket with me to disney to leave on dresser in my daughters room (from tinker bell) each morning she will get an item similiar to yours. makes it fun every morning!

  9. I love the idea of getting your kids gift baskets for your trip! It's a perfect activity for them to do in the car and it goes along great with the trip! Thanks for including the prices and where you got all your materials. I'll have to start putting mine together before our trip!

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