Flashback Friday {Another Cupcake Party}

One convivial cupcake celebration wasn’t enough for this family.  It was just too sweet of a theme (not to mention that I had all the gear) to not use for a similar but seriously scaled down (poor second child) family gathering in celebration of the baby’s first birthday.

The birthday boy in all his chunky, cupcake glory.  If he weren’t sweetly slumbering, I’d go hug his neck this very moment.  The longall was a hand-me-down from brother by Bailey Boys.

The eats were served buffet style from the dining room.

I made the cupcake cakes myself this go-round!  I used the Wilton Large Cupcake Pan for the large cake and an over-sized muffin tin for the small cupcake.
I also made the cookies using the cupcake cookie cutter from the PCP’s first birthday favor bag and a random “W” I had in my drawer.  I absolutely adore making iced cookies but it is so extraordinarily time consuming that I don’t do it often.  And now that I’ve written that “I adore making the cookies,” I realize that what I truly adore is eating the cookies.
The baby’s party was the first time I made my decorated marshmallow pies.  I can’t count how many times I’ve done them since!  Simply unwrap the pies, slide in a sucker stick, decorate and then package in a cello bag.

I used the few left over favor boxes from the previous cupcake party for this fete.  And I cannot for the life of me remember what was in them.

The sideboard held gifts, Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday To You birthday signature book, and the invitation.

Nothing, I mean nothing beats a glass bottled Coke on ice.
I made the hat and he wore the same Bailey Boys bib brother wore three years prior.
Cookie ate his entire cake.  With a FORK.  It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.
If you are wondering who the random mountain man is, why, that’s just Honey in the midst of his bizarre beard growing annual event.
Celebrating the baby boy…
And that sweet little family celebration was how we marked one year with one of our miracles.


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13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday {Another Cupcake Party}

  1. I will never forget how surprised we all were when Cookie picked up his little fork and used it to eat that cake…………we had no clue that he even knew how to use a fork! Such a smart little angel!

  2. Love everything about this party … and all your parties. Both boys look adorable. I used the cupcake mold last year. I know you mentioned it before…but where do you get your birthday books? I am planning a Sweet 16 for my oldest and it might be cute to have something (a little more grown up) for friends to write messages. Any favor ideas?

    Perhaps you should start a party business!

    As always, thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you Betsy! I usually just search on amazon or etsy for books that will go with my theme. I think even the Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday book would work for a 16 year old! Then you could do the Places You'll Go book for her graduation :-) For favors you could do picture frames (and then include a picture of the girls in the thank you note to go in the frame) or burn CDs with your daughter's favorite songs and a printed label. can't wait to hear what you come up with! xo

  4. Amanda,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I may do both the frame and the CD. Perhaps a frame at the table settings. (We are taking a small group of friends to a nice restaurant for dinner. We have a room to ourselves).

    I love your book idea. At first I thought they were blank books – now I get it. My daughter loves books so it is perfect for her. Wish I had thought of it sooner but it will be great for her sweet 16 and graduation as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!


  5. This is so adorable! I love all the cute pictures of the birthday boy. An your family is so sweet! What a great party! Thanks for supporting Show & Share each week, I love having you!

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