Heart Attack

The littles awoke this morning to find their bedroom doors attacked by hearts denoting things we love about them…
February 2012 242
February 2012 245
February 2012 243
February 2012 244
Such a sweet and easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with little ones.

As for the rest of our day, Honey attended Donuts with Dad at the PCP’s school…
February 2012 246
February 2012 247
And then he came back home to surprise me with three of my favorite things – Krispy Kremes, Co-Colas and flowers.
February 2012 235
I then headed up to the PCP’s school to help in centers and dine with my handsome Valentine,   Mother and I took a trip to a local store to consign some home items, Sister and Bird came over to play, we dropped of treats to our neighborhood buddies (all made by Sister!), and Honey brought home Happy Meals for a special treat for the boys (which also let me off the hook for their supper.)
February 2012 237
We’ve now opened a great bottle of wine, are snacking on sushi and are just about to dine on a wedge salad, steaks, potatoes, asparagus and chocolate covered strawberries.
February 2012 239
Can’t imagine a better way to spend the day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, yall!

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3 thoughts on “Heart Attack

  1. What a sweet mommy you are…love the hearts posted on the doors. What a terrific idea!!!! Love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!!!

  2. I'm still making my way thru your blog on my good days lol. We may be sistahs' from anotha' motha'…Coke & donuts are my 2 fave things on earth too and that's what my hubby brings me for gifts too (thought I was the only one). Anyway thank you for your kind email, I appreciated it. Still sick in bed fighting this cancer beast but one hour at a time, one day at a time.


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