Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast

This morning the littles awoke to an Under the Rainbow Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast hosted by our leprechaun friend Sham!  The littles were plum giddy with excitement.  I mean, they could hardly believe that our holiday elf Scout’s best leprechaun friend Sham came all the way here from Ireland on his busiest day of the year.  (Did you follow that?)   And, just like Scout did for our Snowflake Breakfast in December, Sham worked his little fingers to the bone planning this St. Patrick’s Day surprise full of pint sized eats.
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We dined on rainbow milk, mini green biscuits, teeny flapjack stacks, small cups of yogurt and granola, tiny pots of green grits and rainbow fruit kebobs.
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March 2012 440
March 2012 442
March 2012 434
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The best part of all is that I spent a total of $5 on the table décor, using napkins left over from last year and serving pieces and decorative items left over from other parties!

  • I made four tissue poms for the large rainbow and wired them to a coat hanger bent into an arc.  I used two packs of rainbow tissue paper from the Dollar Tree and the same method I used for my Champagne and Cupcakes party poms.
  • The clouds at the ends of the rainbow were faux snow reused from our Snowflake Breakfast.
  • Leprechaun moustache straws from Target.  Plate also from Target but purchased last year.
  • I use the chalkboard all.the.time.  See how I made it here.
  • Green pinwheel reused from our Lemon Aid Stand.
  • Lucky to have you as my friend printable and oreo instructions here.
  • Sham is really Scout dressed up in new green felt digs.  Shhh…don’t tell the littles!

March 2012 450
March 2012 449
And since I’ve yet to share my front door décor and it will be coming down tomorrow, here’s our festive welcome.
March 2012 453
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!

PS. I was blown away by your response to my prayer request yesterday.  Your willingness to open your hearts and prayers to two girls you’ve never met really means the world to me.

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8 thoughts on “Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast

  1. Not totally sure I understand the leprechaun idea, but this is so darling and such a sweet thing to do for your kids. Happy St. Patty's Day to you all!

  2. I sooo understand the leprechaun idea. We have had them living in our house for years—undercover most of the time. At our house they have their own little door and outside that door is a wee light. When the wee light goes off at night that signals it is time for all good little children to go to bed. (no arguing-it has worked great). I love what Sham does at YOUR house! xo Diana

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