Big Boy Bedding

Slowly but surely the baby’s big boy room is coming together!!  Burlap and checks and velvet and monograms abound…
September 2012 340 copy
While Mother was here she was a doll to help me out making burlap euro shams and buffalo check standard shams.  When I had the chair reupholstered I also had this heinous denim bolster covered in the velvet.  With free shipping it was much cheaper than any of the other bolster pillow form of this size that I found.

  • I always order my burlap from Online Fabric Store.  I generally get enough to qualify for free shipping.
  • The velvet fabric is Como Gris from Calico Corners.
  • The buffalo check is Berta Ruta from Ikea (ringing up at under $9 a yard!)
  • The sheet set is from Pottery Barn in Sandalwood.

Just a few more to-dos and the room will be ready for little one!

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15 thoughts on “Big Boy Bedding

  1. I know that room will end up being an adorable little boys room but I'm thinking I could put all of that in my master bedroom.:)You are so talented!

  2. OMG LOVE IT!!!! and THANK YOU for including where to get the ikea buffalo check fabric!! i went to my ikea and couldn't find it! wow thats great you guys can make your own pillowcases and i love how the velvet pillow looks! gorgeous gorgeous!

  3. amanda- i have a question- it doesnt really go with this post, but you always have the best ideas and have such a beautiful home, i was wondering what you do when tackling the closet? i have so many clothes and such a tiny closet, i was wondering if you had any advice? or on things to donate/sell/keep when tackling the closet? thanks! :) :)

  4. i can't wait to see it all amanda, i know it will be stunning!

    we're still working on making the headboard…about 1/2 way there but we've had a lot of distractions lately which has resulted in no DIY done around here…all in good time!

  5. Palm beach – My closets and stuff go so out of hand in the last house that when we moved I donated an insane amount of things. I promised myself to only buy new things that I truly love and have a definite place for. I also realized that I was buying all sorts of clothes that were a good deal but I never ended up wearing – so I vowed to buy one article of clothing that I love even if it costs the same as 5 things I would have worn once and bought just because they were cheap. So, I guess my advise would be to do one huge binge of things and get organized. Then keep up with it by not getting things you don't really need and always evaluating what you have in the closet. I probably donate something every month – clothes, toys or decorative items I'm not using. Hope that helps :-)

  6. Amanda- Thank you so much!! great advice and very helpful!!! My clothes and lilly pulitzer hoarding are getting out of hand ;) – your blog always makes me wanna take care of my house because it always looks so nice and beautiful! Thanks for the help! Now to tackle the closet….:)

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