7 Team Baseball Snacks

With eight total seasons of baseball under our belts, I’ve had more than three years of fun coming up with a team snack each season!  I always try to coordinate the snack to go with the team colors, and I adore serving things like hot dogs (are available at the field for about $1 each) and Cracker Jacks since they are so quintessentially baseball.  Here’s a little compendium of snacks throughout the years and across the teams…

Hot Dogs + Cracker Jack Treats – Rockies

May 2013 221 copy

September 2012 104

April 2012 896 copy

Cracker Jack Cupcakes – Ironbirds
October 2011 559 copy
October 2011 008
May 2011 012

Our season is all wrapped up, but we’ll be back out there come August!

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7 thoughts on “7 Team Baseball Snacks

  1. Love your ideas. I'm from MD so I love that your boys have been Orioles and Ironbirds (Cal Ripken's minor league team). I'm going to have to come up with some creative soccer snacks in August.

  2. Wow that season flew by…well maybe not for you in the stands:-). I'll have to remember these darling treats for when my boys are old enough to play.

  3. Awesome ideas! I loved putting together team meals/snacks when our girls were involved in sports. You pull it all together so creatively (is that a word?).

  4. So stinkin' cute! I love your ideas! I'd love to do something similar as both my boys play every year. I grow tired of the same old boring snacks brought in grocery bags. Ugh! Do other parents ever tease you about your adorable snacks? I know parents here would give me the hardest time asking me how I have the time, how they would never have the time blah, blah, blah… I shouldn't let it stop me!

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