For the First Time in Forever… Epcot

As much as I adore Epcot, it’s usually not at the top of our list of parks to hit when traveling with the littles.  Knowing that we’d sleep in after Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and that we had a FULL day planned for Magic Kingdom the following day, we scheduled three fast passes and planned for lunch in a short day at Epcot.
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First things first, we hit Spaceship Earth (Honey and the littles first time… they LOVED it!) and headed to our Soarin’ fast pass.  We also had one for Figment and were able to walk on to The Land, Captain EO (it’s SO bad) and Nemo so we did more than we thought we would.  It was chilly and drizzled off and on so crowds weren’t bad even for the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  After rides, we ate our way around the world showcase.  I adored this giant Spode Christmas Tree teapot in England.
We had our main course at the yummy Tangierine Café in Morocco.  While it was delish, it just might be the most expensive quick serve meal I’ve ever had in Disney (although Honey had a beer and I tried their sangria).  Will remember that one for the dining plan :-)
Our first dessert stop was L’Artisan des Glaces in Paris.  I’ve had the macaroon ice cream sammie on my mind ever since bestie M and I devoured a few at Food & Wine Festival.  Honey had what he proclaimed to be the best “real” mint chocolate chip ice cream ever and also something coconut that was equally as divine.  I talked the baby into getting the profiterole ice cream so that I could taste it and, not surprisingly, it was amazing.  You just can’t go wrong here.  I’m convinced!
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And our last stop, because we are obvi gluttons, was Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway.  We HAD to try the School Bread and the Troll Horn.  I know that the School Bread in particular has a cult type following, but after our ice creams it just didn’t stand a chance.  It’s just okay.
DSC_0225 (2)
I modified my silver sequin ears the same way that I did my black ones (here) and wore them with my Rapunzel bow from Dumbow Shoppe (see more here) and Rapunzel tee from Raw Threads.  The baby wore the while we waited on our food and had all the tables around us in stitches by “pretending to be Mommy”.
DSC_0223 (2)
Although we were all gorged, we hit up the Chase Visa Character Spot on our way out of the park.  I was particularly delighted to find Minnie and the boys loved seeing Pluto.
I’m off to bed.  I’ve got this yucky hacking non-productive cough and a weekend ahead that you wouldn’t believe…
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4 thoughts on “For the First Time in Forever… Epcot

  1. I just love your Disney recaps! I love that you said it drizzled off and on while you were at Epcot because I have been to Epcot twice in the last 18 months, and it did that both times. What is it with Epcot and rain??!! I had the troll horn as well last time I was there–it was not too impressive. The fish and chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK, on the other hand, are what my dreams are made of! Glad y'all had fun!!!

  2. Ahh, Epcot is my favorite. Looking forward to a trip soon…we have tickets, just need to pick a time!

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