The Baby Turns Seven

Every year on my baby’s birthday I just can’t help but marvel at how much I love this kid and how shocked I am that yet another year has flown by.  Whit remains a laid back, matter-of-fact, independent, perpetually happy kind of kid.  He knows what he likes (and who) and he makes no excuses for that.  He’s so very loyal and extremely tenderhearted.  He’s already an incredible kid and I have no doubt that he will grow into a pretty amazing man.

WHIT7 copy

We celebrated the baby from sun up to sun down.  I mean, that’s what birthdays were made for!  First things first, our traditional birthday breakfast.  Except, this year the baby opted for cinnamon rolls rather than pancakes.


Scout the elf donned his birthday best for the day.


This little one does not love being the center of attention.  He hid his head all three times we sang happy birthday – at school with his class, here at home AND at his party.  Sweet boy.


As y’all probably know by now, Honey and I give the boys forever gifts for their birthdays. Like his brother two weeks ago, Whit also got a nice set off rolling luggage for our Disneyland trip this spring!   He was  MOST excited about the big nerf gun that was hiding around the corner though.  Elsa gave him the Fox and the Hound movie and John gave him some football receiver gloves.


After breakfast, we headed off to an indoor trampoline park for his party.  It only the second one he’s had just for him … ever!  When he was a toddler we just had the family over and after that we did joint parties for the two boys for years.






Grandparents and cousins gave him money and gift cards for a Toys R Us shopping trip so after the party Mother and I took him on his very own (for the first time ever in Toys R Us!) to peruse the aisles.  He almost NEVER spends his money (he’s got a nice little nest egg already) so we kind of had to encourage him to really look around and have fun with picking something out.  In the end he chose a HUGE dinosaur (that he said Jay Bird will LOVE to come play with this), some hot wheels cars and a soccer ball with his cash.

It was a lovely day celebrating this sweet little boy.  I know I keep saying it, but I can’t believe my baby is SEVEN!

Happy birthday, angel!

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5 thoughts on “The Baby Turns Seven

  1. What fun! I remember “seeing” Whit when I first started reading your blog. He was in his bee boots, fearlessly flying on the scooter and it was truly delightful. Oh, if we could just slow time. He is such a beautiful boy. Here’s a birthday wish as big as the sky, Whit! Happy Seven! You now can name each year of your life after a Disney Dwarf!

  2. If his birthday was actually on 12/12 he shares that day with my sweet Granddaughter we turned 13 that day–so hard to believe that that sweet girl who was just born yesterday is really 13. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!! We celebrated a couple of days ourselves!!

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