Master Bathroom {Week 4 Construction Update: Doors, Vanity & Paint}

It was another busy busy week here in the bathroom renovation process.  First things first, the doors!!!  We decided to sacrifice privacy doors for the light that they would allow to go back and forth between the bedroom and bathroom.  They are custom doors that were stained to match the existing, original doors in the house.  They are beautiful!!  We didn’t really want doors as much for the privacy as for the noise control of running water, the vent, etc. and I’m hoping these help with that.

We also got the custom vanity installed this week.  It turned out even more beautiful than I had hoped.  It is hard to tell here, but the original bathroom vanity was the same size, but butted up to the wall on the right side.  We got a little more space on the left end when we took John’s closet and reconfigured the layout and I decided to center the vanity on this wall.  It looks more furniture like, in my opinion.  I also asked them to jut out the two sink spaces just by a couple of inches to add interest.  The source for the hardware is below.

The crown molding and baseboards also went in, and the entire space was painted.  Here are my colors:

  • Walls – Ben Moore White Dove in eggshell
  • Trim – Ben Moore Alabaster in semi gloss
  • Ceiling – Ben Moore Alabaster in flat

We took out the linen closet and added more cabinetry instead.  It is a beautiful piece and will be much more functional than what we had before  (a deep closet with only three 18″  deep shelves and a lot of wasted space)

The counter company came out to measure and template that this week, and the glass shower surround should be in next week!

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

Following is contact information for the contractor we selected.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

This week should bring paint, installation of the vanities and measuring for glass shower surrounds and counter!!

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15 thoughts on “Master Bathroom {Week 4 Construction Update: Doors, Vanity & Paint}

  1. Looking good! I’m confused about the doors though. You don’t mind someone seeing through the door into the shower?

    1. I guess not… I originally thought we’d do solid doors but it was a lot of light lost between the two rooms so we went with these. Hope it wasn’t a bad choice!

      1. I don’t want to make you feel like it was a bad choice either – they are beautiful! I just can’t wrap my head around showering with an audience, either ha!! Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where they talked about “good naked” and “bad naked” lol!! I’m thinking the overhead lighting would be enough or just leave the doors open to get more light when doing make up, etc. but close those things when showering. Maybe frost the glass in the future if it becomes a problem?

        1. It is freestanding. I really liked the faucets mounted on the tub but couldn’t find a tub that fit my space with that option. It will be mounted behind the tub.

  2. A door question because I am on the hunt for similar door and thinking about frosted glass. Seems to me frosted glass would provide some privacy while allowing natural light into bedroom. Did you consider frosted or pebbled glass? The vanity, tile, and layout are fabulous. Thanks for all the sources.

  3. Amanda you have beautiful taste and the master bath is gorgeous! I love the glass doors and the idea of allowing light through, AND you get a glimpse of that gorgeous bathroom too! Its very luxury hotel-like. Your own private suite! Thanks for all the pics and info!

  4. I’m anxious to see your choice of tub faucet, as I’m planning a bath remodel soon. will that faucet come from the wall or be a freestanding faucet? Thank you!!!

  5. I can’t tell you how often I have reread your bath renovation. I love everything you did. We also have a bath that has no doors and are thinking of adding some in a look very much like yours but possibly picket doors. Where did you get your made? We are in the Atlanta area too. Also wondering if you will share your cabinet builder? Did you order your tub through Amazon or locally? Thanks for your help. I love your bath. Stunning!

    1. My contractor ordered the tub on my behalf through (I think). He had the doors made and I don’t have a source for that or the cabinets. Really, I just told him what I wanted and he sourced everything. It could be worth talking to him!

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