Master Bathroom {Tub & Filler}

We are coming to the tail end of selections for the master bathroom.  The tub and filler were the hardest things for me to choose.  I was a little limited by the space I had to work with and a little overwhelmed by all of the options.  These beauties should arrive here at the house in time to be installed next week!

Freestanding Soaking Tub

Based on the size I had to work with, I needed a 60″ tub.  I knew I wanted something a little curved since all of the bones of the bathroom are angular.  I definitely wanted a freestanding tub and I am not interested in bubbles, so I limited my search to soaking tubs.  After searching high and low, I ended up choosing the Wyndham Collection Rebecca Freestanding Bathtub.  It checked off all of the items on my list and is beautiful in its simplicity.  This is one of the things I am most excited to see come to fruition!  It has been 9.5 years since I’ve had a bath at home.

Tub Filler

The tub choice dictated what I would need as far as a tub filler.  In all honesty, I really like the fillers that are mounted on the side of the tub.  But, none of the tubs in the size I needed and style I liked supported this option.  So, I went with a freestanding tub filler that will be centered just behind the tub under the window.  I didn’t consider options built into a platform in the wall behind the tub only because I don’t love the look.  The contractor AND plumber reviewed this choice before moving forward and both gave their seal of approval.

Tub Filler  |  Handle Rough In


Here’s a little reminder of where we left off last week.  Master Bathroom {Week 4 Construction Update: Doors, Vanity & Paint}

If you want to track along, you can see the choices we’ve already made here…

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

Following is contact information for the contractor we selected.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

The tile has all been grouted (Is that a word?) and the dry wall crew is here now!  I’ll give a full update at the end of the week.

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2 thoughts on “Master Bathroom {Tub & Filler}

  1. I absolute love love love everything you have done in your bathroom. It is beautiful. Are you going to give a breakdown on what your total cost is. Renovating our master bath is next on our list. Great job!

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