Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Care Packages for Our Troops}

We didn’t spend our Black Friday shopping this year. Instead, we gathered the freshman lacrosse players for an uplifting and rewarding afternoon putting together boodle boxes for American troops stationed abroad.

The days leading up to our gathering were spent with moms exchanging texts about thoughtful, meaningful items that could stand the long trip and be useful and special to the recipients. The boys started the day carefully lining boxes with cheerful wrapping paper, and penning notes (a real chore for kids these days) to each and every recipient, before filling them with necessities, small splurges and Christmas cheer. They posed for a team photo, which we printed on the spot to include in every box.

Even a few little sisters helped with the effort. Well, one little sister helped while another sought out scratches and attention. :-)

I pray that our American troops stationed far from home will find boodles of cheer in these boxes this holiday season. I hope that our boys each took a moment to remember that our freedom and safety come at a price, and than countless men and women and families in service sacrifice for us each and every day. I know I did.

Celebrating Christmas 2020

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If you’re doing anything special or fun at home, particularly with teens, I’d love for you to share!

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Care Packages for Our Troops}

  1. I think we may be members of the same boodle group. I mailed my first two last Monday and am putting 2 together to mail this week. I was so excited to see the KWF picture because 1 box had red duck tape on the side. I was excited to think that could have been one of mine, but not sure it could have made it so quickly. The class of ‘23 motto is Freedom is not Free and it’s so true.

  2. Amanda

    Thank you and the lacrosse team for doing this! As a veteran, and now a military spouse, I can’t tell you how uplifting it is to receive care packages. What a wonderful service project for the boys. I decided this year my family will help in December for Wreaths Across America.

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