Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Hot Cocoa Bombs + Home Alone}

In my effort to keep the magic and fun in the 2020 Christmas season for my family, we celebrated Friday night with hot cocoa bombs and Home Alone!

My boys have been obsessed with hot chocolate bombs ever since they hit TicToc. They have both had me watch countless videos and, I have to admit, I wanted them too! When a local mom was selling them I jumped at the chance to make my boys’ chocolate dreams come true.

I chose chocolate for Honey and me, Cookies and Cream for John and White Chocolate Peppermint for Whit. The gingerbread man mug hangers are from Trader Joe’s and are DELICIOUS! The mugs were from my etsy shop, napkins from Natalie Chang and plate from Happy Everything.

I heated the milk while we ate dinner (salads because it’s all about balance, right?) and used a thermos to keep it hot. After dinner, we took the festivities outside to the porch. The kids were so excited over something so little that it was contagious. We poured the steaming milk carefully on top of our bombs and watched them explode into chocolately, marshmallowy goodness!

Since it was such a nice evening, Honey set up Home Alone to project on the back of the house. We snuggled in lounge chairs and blankets and enjoyed an evening of good old fashioned at home fun. The only snag was trying to keep Elsa out of our chocolate. :-)

I did a post about our projection system here. It has been the single most used thing we purchased in 2020, and would make a wonderful family Christmas gift! Sister’s family has one too and loves it just as much!

Celebrating Christmas 2020

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I hope you had a lovely weekend! We have another family ping pong tournament planned for the afternoon, along with a LOT of cleaning up from Whit’s 12 hour birthday celebration. :-)

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One thought on “Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Hot Cocoa Bombs + Home Alone}

  1. I gotta try the hot cocoa bombs! Thanks for sharing where you found the gingerbread man hangers….they are too cute. Hopefully, our local Trader Joe’s have them in stock.

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