Celebrating Christmas 2020 {Elf Babies}

I fell head over heels for these elf babies back in September. You know, now that I don’t have an elf of my own to be responsible for, alllll the elf things suddenly seem cuter than ever. :-) I tucked them away to send to CeeCee once her elf, Bow, arrived for the season. I just knew she would love having baby elves to take care of, and ones she could touch too. I wrote this little letter to go along with them, and wrapped everything up for the Christmas stork to deliver. I named them Sugar and Snow after Nutcracker roles, since she is currently obsessed!

Her babies have been strolled around, fed and even attend virtual school with her! She reported back to me that they are very good babies. Of course, Sister sent me a text saying she isn’t sure I thought this through… CeeCee keeps saying she doesn’t want them to grow a little each year. HAHA!

I dropped some poinsettias purchased from John’s basketball fundraiser by their house this morning and had a wonderful window visit with CeeCee and the babies!

Speaking of the little angel, Sister just sent out this photo from Nutcracker this morning!!! <3

I shared this a long, long time ago, but did you know our elf Scout was one of the first elves ever sold?! I was at a craft show with Sister just days before John was born in 2005 and two young ladies were selling their new idea, Elf on the Shelf, in a small booth. Sister insisted that I get one for soon to be born baby John. They both personally signed his book and handed over our elf. I’d venture to bet that NONE of us had any idea the phenomenon it would become. It only seems fitting that I could return this “favor” to Sister 15 years later in the form of two babies. :-)

Celebrating Christmas 2020

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I hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday season. Much of it is what you make of it and I am committed to JOY and CHEER! <3

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  1. Those elf babies are precious! May I ask where you purchased them? Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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