I Love What You’re Wearing

A blogger “friend” of mine (well, she doesn’t actually know that I exist but I have stalked her blog for months now) does a super hysterical segment every now and again called “I Hate What You’re Wearing.”  Actually, most everything she writes is pretty hysterical and her blog is definitely worth checking out.

So…while John was spending the night out and Cookie was slumbering peacefully up in his crib (he IS the best baby in the world), Honey and I watched the Golden Globes.  All night I found myself saying “I love (or hate) what you’re wearing.”  Assuming that “my friend” will cover the hates in a manner that will leave me in stitches (and I DO hope she has Sandra and Angelina on THAT list), I figured I’d tackle the loves.

Hands down, my fave of the evening was Anne Hathaway.  Stunning in a glittery backless Armani gown.  I loved her hair, her clutch, her makeup.  Pretty much everything.

I don’t think that Monique Lhuillier has ever made a dress that I don’t adore.  And this emerald green confection was no exception.  If I could go back nine years and walk down the aisle again, it would absolutely be in a ML gown.

I love love love Dianna on GLEE!.  And I love love love her shimmering J. Mendel gown.  Tres chic.

And my last fave was Olivia Wilde.  Sequins, strapless and tulle.  These are a few of my favorite things.  Come to think of it, she looks eerily similar to a Barbie I had back in the day (minus the brown hair of course.)

So that’s how Amanda sees it.  Come back tomorrow for basement photos… I finally took them!


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