Art Party

This weekend we spent a few hours of our sun-filled Saturday immensely enjoying ourselves at new friend A’s little’s art themed birthday bash.  L and E celebrated their respective first and third years with friends, family, A’s always fantastic food and all of the paint, glitter, pom poms and stickers two sweet girls could ever want.  In fact, I’m pretty sure their back patio will show telltale remnants of the celebration for months to come.

I was extremely envious of the gorgeous weather they lucked out with.  Whenever I host a party, it never fails to rain or be unseasonably cold.  Don’t you just adore the colorful pennants?

New friend A thought of everything… from sidewalk chalk and easels to paint stations and play dough.

I was seriously swooning over baby L’s first birthday cake.  Gorg!

And the colorful baby cupcakes presented on an artist’s palettes made a festive display.

Y’all, I pride myself on making the best rice krispie treats this side of the Mason Dixon line, but A gave me a run for my money.  I could tell that Honey, who proclaims to be the ultimate rice krispie treat taster, thought they might be a tish better than mine (though he knows better than to admit it.)  And, as if they weren’t already totally fab, you KNOW that everything tastes better on a stick.   

The favors were a darling end to a fantastic fete.  New friend A baked and iced the adorable sugar cookies – precious AND scrumptious!

Now, I couldn’t possibly show all the fun details without a snap of two of the cutest girls I have the pleasure of knowing.  Miss E on her third birthday.  This girl is a beaut.  And sassy to boot.

And Little L on her first birthday.  Such a sweetie and every inch as darling as big sis.

Thanks to A and her mister D for a smashing good time!!

Now that Mother and Daddy-O have departed for Savannah after their marathon nearly two week visit, I must wipe away a tear, do the Burnette tuck (great technique learned in college for dealing with super stinky situations) and change the first diaper I’ve had to tend to in twelve days. Yes, you read that right.  Mother has changed ever diaper since she got here.  A saint I tell you.  A saint indeed.


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