Mister Scissorhands

I adore silhouettes.  Especially silhouettes by Clay Rice, a renowned silhouette artist from Isle of Palms South Carolina.  A second generation master of his trade, Mr. Rice travels the country cutting these delightful little memoirs.

On both occasions that I’ve had to meet Mr. Rice, I was not only awed by what he can do with a black piece of paper, a pair of surgical scissors, one minute’s time and a wriggly, giggly baby, but at his gentle demeanor and the kind words he had for both of my pretty “active” boys.

I had John’s silhouette done at age 2 and just couldn’t wait to have Mr. Rice back in Atlanta to do Cookie’s at the same age.  And, with that I have now completed a collection that’s been about thirty years in the making!

From top to bottom:  Cookie (2), John (2), my nephew Bird (6 months), me (5) and my sister (3)

While getting Cookie’s silhouette done, I was just thrilled to learn of Mr. Rice’s new children’s book The Lonely Shadow.  I promptly purchased two copies and had them signed for the boys (he even pasted in their silhouettes on the first page.)  I especially love the low country feel of the book – from the moss on the trees to the wildlife the lonely boy shadow meets while searching for a playmate.

And… Mister Scissorhands let me in on a little secret that he has a new book coming out in time for Mother’s Day!!  Hint, hint Honey.

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Ho Hum

Ho Hum… that’s kind of how I felt after watching the unveiling of the 2011 HGTV Dream Home.  I generally cannot wait for the big reveal each New Years Day but I just wasn’t swooning over this house like I have in years past.  Now, that being said, there were certainly some aspects that I… Read More

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Given my love all things Southern, I was just ecstatic to learn about Sucker denim.  A product of Charleston, one quintesential Southern city, these fashion forward “new South” jeans marry the timelessness of seersucker with the edginess denim. I got right on the phone, called 1-To-My-Sucker (no joke) and ordered the Savannah (couldn’t be more… Read More

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