You may recall just about six months ago when the PCP had his very first slumber party with college bestie N’s son L.  Well, it was high time to repay the fun and we were just delighted to have the party at our place this go-round. We went swimming at the club, played superheros and… Read More

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Camp Kingfisher

In this day and age of iPhones, wii games and way too many cartoons, I signed John up for camp at the Chattahoochee Nature Center hoping to reinforce that the outdoors is a marvelous playground – a place for aimless roaming, lazy daydreaming and unrivaled adventure.  In that vein, the PCP spent the last glorious… Read More

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Y’all, I just have to share what I find to be the most darling of all of the extracurriculars the PCP has dabbled in – TENNIS!  Now, don’t get me wrong, the baseball uniforms are totally presh, and seeing him on the field with Honey just melts my heart, but it does like to give… Read More

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