Buh-Bye Blue

I have been anxiously awaiting the day I would say buh-bye to the last of the basement’s heinous blue carpeting complete with forty years of wear, tear and stains.  Ewww, the stains.  So, in a budget conscious and little friendly manner, we (ie. Honey) stripped out the nastiness and painted the stairs and hand rail. … Read More

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Brother Club

When the littles begged and pleaded for a playset in the backyard Honey jumped right on that project.  You see, this great neighborhood has one pretty major flaw – no playground!  There are a couple nearby, but nothing in walking distance.  So, we watched the sale flyers in the Sunday paper until we found an… Read More

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Decked Out

We’re starting to gear up for Independence Day around these parts – hanging flags and gathering up all things patriotic.  Yesterday I swept up the remnants of our latest hail storm and decked out the deck in red, white and blue. And the reward for my efforts – dining alfresco (albeit on a spur of… Read More

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So Many Fabrics

Before learning that the Tonga Snow fabric I was stubbornly resolved on obtaining for my bedroom chair was sold out all over creation, I spent a delicious and lengthy amount of time wandering about the thousands of bolts of woven goodness in Forsyth Fabrics.  For as long as I can remember, this place (along with… Read More

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