Walk of Fame 2017

After John finished his Walk of Honor at school, I rushed home to get ready for our own Walk of Fame and bus stop celebration!  We’ve got a whole gaggle of kids, and moms and dads alike came armed with water guns, water balloons, silly string, bubbles, popsicles and candy.

A full on battle ensued and it was so.much.fun.  The kids were SO excited about it but I’d venture to say the adults might have enjoyed it even more :-)

We started out kindergarten just one little John at the bus stop and it has been amazing to watch more and more families move in on our block.  These kids start every morning playing basketball and then end each afternoon concocting a plan to meet up and play after snacks and homework.  I’m so grateful for our village.

For our annual last day of school Walk of Fame I usually line the driveway with signs touting the boys’ accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom, from the past year.  It’s not elaborate or expensive, but it makes me happier, prouder and more excited than any of the others.  This year it rained on and off all day and we were under tornado warnings for hours so I set up our Walk of Fame in the kitchen.  It’s so much cuter outside, but this worked in a pinch!

John was set up on the left side of the island.

And Whit was on the right side.

I’m so incredibly proud of these two and how they’ve grown, learned and matured this past year.  I swear that every one goes faster than the last.

With that, WELCOME TO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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8 thoughts on “Walk of Fame 2017

  1. Ahhh! I love the bus stop water balloon party! How fun is that?!

    Congratulations boys on another fantastic year! YAY for summer! xo

  2. What a fun time! And what a HUGE group of kids! Our neighborhood is starting to get more kids and I’m so excited by it!

  3. How fun!!!! Miss those days.
    We always hosted a year end party at our house. Funny time was when my boys were 4 and 8. The neighbor boy was graduating high school and decided to have a pool party. Parents didn’t know
    as they were still at work. At least 50 kids most in skimpy bikinis ?
    It was an eye opener to my little guests.

  4. I was going to do this and it rained here all day on the last day, too, so I nixed the idea. Totally should’ve done it in the kitchen. Next year!

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