A Haunted Halloween {Den}

Welcome back!!

Our Halloween home tour continues today in the den!

Creepy crawly spiders are scurrying up the fireplace again this year.  I found them at Michael’s a couple of years ago and use painter’s tape to attach them.

We added another title to our Tales from the Haunted Mansion stash.

Since we took the boys’ silhouette pillows out of their room,  I thought they were a nice addition to the den for a while.  I’ve had the spooky hand for years – picked it up in New Orleans while visiting the Uptown Acorn.

I loved the crows perched on the antlers last year and so they made their way there again.

Mother and I glittered these bones years ago.  They still look so amazing when I pull them out.

I found these mini witch hats at Michael’s last year and added the bows.  I always keep these Nancy Drew books of Mother’s out but I especially love them at Halloween.

The coffee table gets a colorful fall bouquet, candy corn and my skeleton hand wearing one of Mother’s bracelets! I love decorating with candy at the holidays and a bonus is that I hate candy corn so it isn’t even remotely tempting.

Our “puzzle table” at the banquet has the Haunted Mansion puzzle out again this year.  It is a hard one because there are only a few colors!  The pumpkin caramel corn is back out at Trader Joe’s and is SO delicious!!

There isn’t a whole lot of Halloween on this side of the room, but I did put out my black fur pillow and blanket from our old house.  I’ve held on for it for years!  Elsa can also been seen tucked right between them but she refused to smile for the camera.

I replaced most of our family photos with these awful ones from the Dollar Tree.  I also have them in dollar frames.  It is so much fun to see people get caught off guard by them ;-)  bwahahahaha.  One of the boys added that hideous plastic spider.

I’ll be back soon with the next room on the tour!!!!!!


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12 thoughts on “A Haunted Halloween {Den}

  1. Love all the “creepy” touches to the den! I found some little witches hats this season and put them on my Foo Dogs. Just wish it would start feeling like Fall and Halloween here in VA….hot & humid!

  2. Pumpkin caramel corn? How have I never had that? We go to Trader Joe’s all the time! (There are 4 within a mile of us!)

    1. It went fast both years at mine. It is in a small bag – kind of easy to miss if you aren’t specifically looking for it!

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