A Haunted Halloween {Porch}

At long last, we wrap up the Halloween home tour today!

Y’all come on out to the back porch and sit for a spell.

There’s always room for one more…

My one new thing out here this year are the plates over the fireplace!!  They are so cute and fun and go perfectly.  I also love that if I ever decide to use them for dining they will go so nicely with my black and white spode dinner plates.  They are from Williams Sonoma.

I made the Nevermore canvas years ago and it is still hanging in there!  It spent the off season in the attic and looked no worse for the wear.  The bat mobile was from Pottery Barn Kids years ago and used to be in our playroom.  sniff sniff

Dropped Dead Fred and Anna are having a grand old time again this year.  If you are just joining us, Elsa was just thrilled when Anna joined the fam.

I made the Halloween bunting last year and was so excited that it survived the year in the attic with the rest of the decorations.  The how-to video is HERE.  It’s a great inexpensive way to make a big impact.

I put our Tower of Terror Jenga game out in the cauldron again this year.  We have a lot of fun with it.  I took these pictures right before Honey was due home and was SO looking forward to a nice happy hour on the porch.  I turned my head and somebody wiped the plate clean of cheese and salami.  I’ll give you one hint… it wasn’t Anna.

Mother made me the polka dot pillow covers a few years ago and I found the print pillows at Target just as long ago.  The blankets were all from Ikea.  Inexpensive and great for outside!

We use the buffet table as a s’mores bar during the holidays.

Over in the dining space you can see that I used more paper fans on the chalboard.  So much easier than my feeble attempts at chalk art.  You can also see my baby here…

I filled the shell with moss and pumpkins.  This side of the porch needed a touch of orange.

I have so enjoyed having y’all on this tour.  As have our happy haunts…

I hope that y’all have a wonderful fall weekend!!  We are off to fall festival right NOW!!!


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10 thoughts on “A Haunted Halloween {Porch}

  1. As always (and as you already know) the porch – especially the Halloween porch – remain my all-time favorite. Perfect, and so fun, friend. xoxo

  2. Love your porch! I do have a question, though. How do you keep your white woodwork so clean? Do you use a special product? I pressure wash ours, but it seems to get dirty again in just a few weeks. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!
    Julia from SC

    1. Thank you!! No, I either use water or my kitchen counter spray. I clean it pretty much every other week though. They definitely don’t stay clean.

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