A Haunted Halloween {Exterior + Foyer}

Welcome, foolish mortals, to our Halloween home… (I couldn’t resist)

I’m kicking things off with the exterior.  And, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get to taking these pictures all.day.long and was left with the most pitiful light at the end of the day.

Our ghosties are out front again in the shrubs… (Michael’s)

And, long live the giant spider, I think this was the best $10 I ever spent a few years back.

My Bronwyn Hanahan door hanger is out front this year, to go along with the ghost “theme”.

I will put the Trick or Treat sign out on Halloween but it stays on the inside door knob until then.  It reverses to Out of Candy and was found last year at Target.  I adore the little ghost picks in the ferns!

And, our ferocious watch dog keeps things terrifying out front.  Ha!  We’ve been saying her Halloween costume is her hair cut.  Nobody recognizes her without her fluff.

The friend’s entry is cheered up with a Bronwyn Hanahan candy corn hanger.

And the porch entry gets a little something too!

Kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone.  There’s no turning back now.

I pulled the original burlap table skirt out of the attic and slipped it right over the new blue one from earlier this year!  Of course, I totally forgot to swap out the light shades on the chandelier… I swear, it is so hard to look at pictures and not see what I “missed”.

Again, the guard dog… she is my shadow.  I like the black accents year round on the door and stairs, but particularly at Halloween.  bwahahahaha

The bats are clings I’ve used for years, and same for the crows.

I fell in love with this Black Magic candle from Williams Sonoma.  It looks amazing but smells okay.

And, lastly, beware of rats running up and down the stairs.  These are cardstock cut outs that I use painters tape to stick to the risers.

I do hope you’ll hurry back for the next installment…  I’ll be dying to see you.


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6 thoughts on “A Haunted Halloween {Exterior + Foyer}

  1. I love all of you fun Halloween decor!! Where did you find the black feathery stuff on your entry table and what is it called? I love it!

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