Dixie Delights in D.C. {The Willard InterContinental}

We stayed at the beautiful and storied Willard InterContinental while in Washington D.C.

The moment we stepped inside I knew we were in for a treat!  Throughout the duration of our stay, we experienced first class service and determined that we could not have chosen a more perfect and central location for our D.C. adventures.

Since 1818, the Willard InterContinental Washington, DC has played host to the world’s social and political elite. An iconic hotel, often referred to as the ‘Residence of Presidents’, The Willard has welcomed U.S. presidents, foreign dignitaries and celebrities, as well as has been the site of many historic moments in U.S. history for 200 years.

I love this Easter basket arrangement in the lobby, that stayed up until Tuesday when it was replaced by another stunning arrangement!

It took us a few days, but we finally spied the Georgia seal on the ceiling.  (We didn’t hunt toooo terribly hard.)

Willard Intercontinental Guest Room

Coming home to this beautiful and spacious double queen room was the cherry on top of each day!  I could have taken every single part of it and been happy to plop it right in my own home… down to the W monogrammed headboards :-)

I first fell in love with the Nepresso while staying at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville last year.  I have since determined that you can judge a hotel by its in-room coffee service.  HA!

The bathroom was beautiful and spacious as well.  I adored the wallpaper and lucite and brass sconces.

The boys were in love with the chocolate chip cookies left for them inside of this tin.  I was just happy to take the tin.

Cafe du Parc

We had breakfast every single morning at Cafe du Parc, located in the hotel.  There is a counter service cafe option with pastries, coffee and a few hot breakfast items.  Upstairs is a seated restaurant with both a great buffet as well as an a la carte menu.  We enjoyed both during our stay and left with a ZERO tab for breakfast since I booked myself as a Virtuoso guest.  (More on that below!)  There are also outdoor seating options, which would be spectacular on a gorgeous day.

Round Robin Bar

Honey and I took advantage of our Virtuoso resort credit to enjoy a happy hour in the historic Round Robin Bar.  Honey was pleased to try the Mint Julep, the restaurants signature drink introduced to the city by a Kentucky statesman in 1830.

The iconic Round Robin Bar has been a lively meeting place for Washington, D.C.’s political and social elite since Abraham Lincoln. Long celebrated as one of the best in D.C., this legendary bar was known as the nexus of “Rum Row” and the “E Street Corridor” — plying its trade to luminaries such as Mark Twain and Walt Whitman. Today, this fashionable downtown spot draws a smart, stylish cross section of DC movers and shakers.

The Willard “may be much more justly called the center of Washington and the Union than either the Capitol, The White House, or the State Department.”  – Nathaniel Hawthorne, Atlantic Monthly 1862

As a Virtuoso affiliated travel adviser, I secure exclusive amenities for my luxury clients at destinations like the Williard Continental in D.C.

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Full American Buffet breakfast for two daily
  • $100 Food & Beverage credit Applicable at Cafe du Parc, Peacock Alley, Round Robin Bar, In Room Dining, and Mini-Bar. Not applicable at Occidental Grill & Seafood or toward Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter Brunch.
  • 12 pm early check-in, if available/4 pm late check-out, if available
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

As for the rest of our trip, I’d love for you to follow along or catch up here.


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I’ll update the links in our itinerary as I take y’all along on our trip.

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As a Virtuoso affiliated travel adviser, I have global connections with the best hotels, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies, and I secure exclusive amenities for my luxury clients at destinations like the Williard Continental in D.C. and Williamsburg Inn in Colonial Williamsburg.  Contact me to learn more and start designing your dream vacation today!


10 thoughts on “Dixie Delights in D.C. {The Willard InterContinental}

  1. Your perks are endless! It seems like the transition to your new “part-time” gig came at the perfect time; the boys are at such a great age to appreciate all of your travels and adventures! Keep enjoying this quick window of opportunity before high school sports and college schedules limit your vacations! Your spring break posts have made me want to get back to DC soon!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful hotel! Believe me, I would love to stay there. Unfortunately, it is WAAAYY out of our budget. Did you happen to see any more affordable hotels that looked decent and were in a good location? (More in the price range of a Holiday Inn, Embassy Suites, etc)

    1. I noticed the JW Marriott across the street and have recently booked clients at the Mayflower (also Marriott). I will say that I quoted the Willard for a client last week with travel dates in the next month and it was double what we paid booking about 10 months in advance.

  3. I have REALLY enjoyed following along with your trip. I think these posts have been my favorites to read of all the years I’ve been reading your blog. I’ve just soaked up every word!! On a side note, how cute were all your outfits for the trip?!! Adorable!! Patriotic cuteness every day! Perfection.

  4. Amanda, that picture behind your mint julep is President Woodrow Wilson……who married his wife in Savannah, practiced law in downtown ATL for a time, and was know for visiting a friend (or relative) on Church St. in Marietta……sounds like a good future blog topic to me!

    1. Very, very cool fact! Thank you for sharing. I love it when you can follow a thread back home. <3

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